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Human Resources

Human Resources FAQ


Q. Where is the Office of Human Resources?

A. Our office is located at 500 Washington Avenue at the north end of campus (right next to Rita’s Water Ice and across the street from Citgo Gas Station).

Q. What is the Office of Human Resources Mailing Address?

A. Washington College
     Attn: Office of Human Resources
     300 Washington Avenue
     Chestertown MD 21620


Current Employees

Q. I want to resign from my position or my position has been terminated. What is the Exit Process? 

A. Please review the Employee Separation guidelines

Q. How do I change  or update my address and contact information?

A. Complete a Change of Personal Information form and submit to the Office of Human Resources.

Q. How can I change my tax withholding?

A. Complete a new Federal W4 and Maryland MW507 forms and submit to the Office of Human Resources.

Q. How can I change my bank and Direct Deposit information?

A. Complete a new Direct Deposit Authorization form and submit to the Office of Human Resources.

Q. How can my spouse or dependent get an ID card for access to campus facilities and resources?

A. If you did not do so at the time of hire, add their information to the Change of Personal Information form and submit to the Office of Human Resources. They will be entered in to the system and issued an ID number, and then they will be eligible to obtain a photo ID from Public Safety. 

Q: How do I access my pay advice online?

A: To access your pay advice, log in to WebAdvisor and follow these simple steps


Q. How do I access my benefits summaries and benefit claim or reimbursement forms? 

A. All benefits summaries and forms can be found on the webadvisor portal.

Q. My address is incorrect on my insurance card. How can I correct it? 

A. Complete a Change of Personal Information form and submit to the Office of Human Resources.



Q. The job I want to apply for isn’t listed. Can I still apply or submit my resume?

A. Washington College only accepts applications and applicant materials for vacant position as listed on our Employment Opportunities page. Applicants should only apply to vacancies that they qualify for. If a desired position is not listed, the applicant should check the Employment Opportunities page at a later time. 

Q. Can I apply by using a paper application or by sending my resume via e-mail, mail or fax?
A. We no longer accept paper applications/resumes via email, mail or fax. All applications must be submitted through our online applicant portal, Consensus. 

Q. Do I need an email address to use the online application process?

A. Yes. If you do not have one, you will need to create one. Free email accounts are available from major web-service providers such as Yahoo! (Yahoo! Mail), Microsoft (MSN Hotmail, or Windows Live Mail) or Google (Gmail).

Q. How many jobs should I apply for?
A. WC Only accepts applications from those candidates who meet the minimum qualifications. All jobs have a minimum qualification section in the description. You should make sure that you meet these qualifications. 

Q. Can I reuse my online application for multiple job openings?
A. No,application materials must be submitted by vacancy. There are search committees established for each search. 

Q. How can I be sure that my electronic application was received?
A. Upon successful submission of the application, applicants will receive an email from with a confirmation number. This confirms that your application was successfully submitted. Keep this number for  reference.

Q. How long is my application valid?
A. Until the search is closed/position is filled. Application information from one vacancy cannot be used to apply for another vacancy. 

Q. Does Washington College conduct background checks?

A. Yes, Washington College conducts background checks on all potential hires. 

Q. How long does it take to fill a job vacancy at Washington College?
A. Some jobs are filled quickly while others may take a few months. Many factors go in to creating a timeline such as availability of the search committee members, applicant schedules, room availability, and others. Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.

Q. Does everyone who applies get an interview?
A. No, only the most competitive applicants will be interviewed for a job. Each applicant pool is different, so you may be extremely competitive in one applicant pool but not another for the same job type because of different applicants in the different pools. Hiring officials will interview those candidates that are most qualified. Those who do not meet the minimum qualifications will not be interviewed. 

Q. I applied weeks ago but haven’t heard anything from the hiring department. What should I do?
A. You may check the status of the position by visiting the Employment Page. All positions will remain open until filled. If a position is still listed, applications are still being accepted and/or reviewed. If a position no longer appears on the Employment Page, the position has been filled.

New Employees

Q. When will I have access to Washington College email/Canvas/parking permits/keys/College ID Card?

A. After your new hire paperwork is completed, and entered into the system, you should wait 24-48 hours before contacting the HelpDesk, at (410) 778-7777, for your email username and password.  You may use the same timeline before contacting Public Safety, in person, for your parking permit, keys, and College ID card.

Q: How do I establish telephone, voice-mail, e-mail and computer accounts?

A: After your employment forms have been submitted they take 48 hours to process. After this period contact the Office of Information Technology, William Smith Hall, lower level to establish your email and other accounts.

Q: How do I enroll in benefits at Washington College?

A: You will have the opportunity to learn about and enroll in benefits during New Employee Orientation. New Employees will be contacted with their orientation date. 

Q: How do I get a Washington College ID, office key, and parking permit?

A: You will need a Washington College ID card for access to many buildings on campus and for identification. After you have completed your payroll paperwork at Human Resources, you can get your photo ID, parking permit and key to office, if applicable, at Public Safety, in Wicomico Hall, lower level.

Q: What can my WC ID card be used for? 

A: Your WC ID card will permit you access to the gymnasiums and any other fab-access buildings. You can also use your ID card to charge at the Bookstore, pay for meals at Hodson Dining Hall, or coffee and food at any of our retail locations (i.e. Java George, Martha’s Kitchen, Create). In addition, your ID card will allow you to check out books from Miller Library

Q: Can my spouse and dependents get a WC ID card? 

Yes, an employee’s spouse and dependents that are between the ages of 12-18 can be issued a WC ID card. Be sure to list them on your New Employee Information Sheet. After your paperwork has been processed, they should visit Public Safety to obtain a WC ID card.

Q: How do I access my pay advice online?

A: To access your pay advice, log in to WebAdvisor and follow these simple steps

Q: What’s happening at Washington College?

A: To find out what is going on around campus check out the campus calendar. Please forward events to Campus Events, ext. 7888.

Q: Where can I find a campus map so I can learn my way around campus?

A: Visit the online campus map.

Q: Where can I find online information about Kent County, MD?

A: Visit for information about local businesses, recreation, dining, shopping, arts and entertainment, government and coming events.