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To ensure that you are using the most current version of our forms, please discard any previous versions of our forms. 

To ensure forms are processed in a timely manner, as you complete a form for submission, review the form before submitting, specifically as to the following:

  • Completeness- are all areas complete in full?
  • Accuracy- is the GL complete an accurate?
  • Legibility- PRINT legibly to insure accurate processing
  • Required signatures- are all required signatures on the form? Is the form dated?

We encourage departments not to keep copies of forms on file for use, instead download forms as needed directly from this page. Please note: for benefit-eligible employees, benefit-related forms such as claims and reimbursements can be found on the HR Connection Portal: www.hrconnection.com


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ADA Employee Accommodations Request Printable  
Authorization for Release of Employment Information Printable  
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Batch Student Employment Authorization Excel  
Background Check Authorization (Volunteer) Printable  
Background Check Authorization  Printable  
Benefits Portal Instructions Printable  
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Change of Personal Information Printable  Fillable
Code of Conduct Acknowledgement    
Confidentiality Agreement Printable  
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Direct Deposit Authorization Printable  Fillable
Discrimination/Harassment Complaint Form Printable  
Domestic Partner Certification Printable Fillable
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Email Account and Access Pay Advices for Employees Printable  
Employment Authorization: Faculty Printable Fillable
Employment Authorization: Staff Printable Fillable
Employee Information Sheet Printable Fillable
Exit Interview Clearance Form Printable  
Exit Interview Questionnaire Printable  
Employee Assistance Program Application Printable  
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Featured Employee Nomination Form   Fillable
Form I-9  Printable Fillable
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Holiday Savings Club Printable  
Housekeys 4 Employees Program Application Printable Fillable
Discrimination/Harassment Complaint Form Printable  


Injury Report Printable Fillable
Interview Questions (Hiring Officials) Printable Fillable
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Job Description Acknowledgement                     Printable
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Leave Request Form Printable  
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Mobile Device Policy Acknowledgement Printable  
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New Position Request Form Printable Fillable
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Paypack: Faculty and Staff Printable  
Paypack: Students Printable  
Pay Advices: Students Printable  
Pay Advices: Employees Printable  
Payroll Deduction Form (WC SHINE Program) Printable  
Personnel Change Form Printable Fillable
Performance Review Form  Printable Fillable
Performance Review Instructions Printable  
Payroll and Holiday Schedule: Faculty and Staff Printable  
Pay Schedule: Exempt Employees Printable  
Pay Schedule: Hourly Employees Printable  
Pay Schedule: Students Printable  
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Recruitment Authorization Printable Fillable
Recruitment Authorization (Faculty) Printable Fillable
Reference Check Questions Printable Fillable
Retirement Elections Form Printable Fillable
Request for New Position Form Printable Fillable
Request for Advance of Vacation Leave Printable  
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Sick Leave Pool Request Printable Fillable
Sick Leave Pool Donation Form Printable Fillable
Student Employee of the Year Nomination Form Printable  
Student Employee Evaluation Form Printable  
Student Employment Authorization    Fillable
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Taxes: Federal Withholding Printable  
Taxes: State Withholding Printable  
TIAA CREF Election Form (2015) Printable Fillable
Timesheets: Non-Exempt Employees Printable  
Timesheets: Students Printable  
Tuition Exchange Application Printable  
Tuition Exchange Annual Renewal Printable  
Tuition Waiver: Employees Printable  
Tuition Waiver: Dependents Printable  
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United Way Donation/Payroll Deduction Form Printable Fillable
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Vacation Leave Advance Printable  
Volunteer Authorization (Hiring Officials) Printable Fillable
Volunteer Authorization for Background Check Printable  
Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement Printable  
Volunteer Information Sheet Printable Fillable
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