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College Policies I Workers’ Compensation



An employee may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits if the employee is injured on the job or becomes afflicted by an occupational disease associated with job duties while working for the College.


Benefits include both paid time-off and payment of related medical expenses. The College will make payments for lost wages for the first 65 days; the College’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier will make subsequent payments for a portion of lost wages. Medical payments for necessary services are the liability of the College’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier.

Compensation Schedule

Day of Injury (day one):   100 percent of pay

Day 2 through Day 65:  100 percent of pay

After Day 65:    66 percent of pay

Continuation of Benefits

For the first 65 days, all of the employee’s benefits will continue. Additionally, leave will continue to accrue according to the usual schedule. After the 65th day, the employee will be considered on leave without pay. Leave without pay is described in Sections 6 & 7 of Chapter 2.

Recovery of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

For the initial 65-day period of benefits, the College will make the lost wages benefit payment. Any other payments received by the employee for lost wages for that period must be immediately signed over to the College and received by Human Resources. Should the College make payments for days that are ultimately not considered eligible under the State program, the employee is responsible for reimbursing the College for the amount of the College’s payments.


At Time of Injury

On-the-job injuries should be reported immediately to the employee’s supervisor. The supervisor will generally consult with Health Services to determine the referral for appropriate initial treatment. Initial treatment could be on site, at Health Services, at a designated physician’s office, or at a local hospital. The employee’s supervisor is responsible for completing and submitting a “first report” when an injury occurs on the job. The “first report” should be filed with Human Resources within 72 hours of the time that the injury or accident occurs.

After Initial Medical Treatment

The College’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier is responsible for case management after the initial medical treatment. The employee, however, should periodically advise both the employee’s supervisor and Human Resources of his/her status.

Return to Work

Prior to returning to work, the employee must present a physician’s statement authorizing the return to work to the employee’s supervisor and to Human Resources.