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College Policies I Termination of Employment


If an employee resigns their position at Washington College, they must submit a letter of resignation to their supervisor and a copy to the Office of Human Resources at least two weeks prior to the last day of work to allow for the recruitment process to be begin and to provide for an organized transition. A date for departure must be discussed with the supervisor and mutually agreed upon.


An employee who plans to retire must notify their supervisor and the Assistant Director of Human Resources as soon as possible. Any employee who is retiring must schedule an appointment with the Assistant Director of Human Resources to discuss the exit process. It can require three to four months to plan for the commencement of retirement benefits.


A supervisor or department head may discharge an employee after a recommendation for discharge and documentation of the reason(s) for recommended discharge have been reviewed and approved by the Director of Human Resources.

If the discharge of any employee has been approved, a meeting will be scheduled with the employee, the Supervisor or Department Head and the Director of Human Resources to inform the employee of the decision to terminate employment. The employee will be given an opportunity to respond and will be informed of the opportunity to file a written rebuttal with Human Resources.

When an employee is being discharged, the Director of Human Resources will provide a Discharge Letter identifying the reason(s) for discharge. If the employee is unavailable to receive the Discharge Letter, it will be mailed to the employee at the address on file with Human Resources. An employee who disagrees with the grounds for termination may submit a written rebuttal to the Director of Human Resources within five days of the date of the Discharge Letter. The employee may also file a grievance with the Chief of Staff.

Reduction In Force

The College may eliminate a position if financial constraints or changes in the College’s organizational structure require such action.  Employees will be provided written notification from the College of the effective date of the change. An employee whose position is being eliminated will be given appropriate consideration for other vacant positions for which they may be qualified, but if no such position is available, employment with the College will be terminated.  Please see Reduction in Force Policy for further details.

Exit Process

At the time of voluntary or involuntary termination of employment, the employee must do the following:

  1. Meet with supervisor to discuss separation
  2. Schedule an Exit Interview with Human Resources to review the exit process. Call 410-778-7298 or email to schedule an appointment.
  3. Prior to the last day of employment, the employee must complete all sections of the Exit Clearance Form and submit to the Office of Human Resources to be cleared to receive final pay.

By the last day of employment, the Exit Clearance Form must be submitted to Human Resources, all property must be returned to the College for an employee to be cleared. Human Resources must have completed the exit interview prior to the last day of work so that the final paycheck can be released on time.

Reduction In Force

When staff and faculty have worked for the College for at least 15 years of continuous service and are retiring, the College will provide a retirement celebration.  For faculty who typically retire at the end of a semester, this celebration is typically held at Hynson Ringgold House as part of a holiday or year-end celebration; all faculty retiring at that time will be honored together.  For staff, who often retire at various points in the year, a budget of up to $500 will be provided to support the celebration’s food, entertainment and similar expenses; if a staff member is retiring near/at the end of a semester, he/she will be included with the faculty retirement celebration (no separate $500 celebration).  Not all retirees want such a celebration, so please honor your colleague in an appropriate, respectful way that will recognize their service to the College in a way that he/she appreciates.  Please feel free to connect with Human Resources staff for guidance.

If an employee resigns prior to completing 15 years of continuous service, any farewell gathering will not be financially supported by the College.  Departments or colleagues should feel free to organize and collectively or individually fund gatherings if they are so moved.