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College Policies I Telephone and Cell Phone Guidelines

1. General
Telephones and cell phones are provided for employees for College business. Employees are asked to limit personal calls during work hours. If an employee is found to be making excessive personal calls, he/she will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

2. Long-Distance Calls
If an employee uses a College telephone to place a personal long-distance call, he/she is required to place the call from his/her assigned phone and to use the number 3 to access an outside line. A charge will be generated, and the employee will be billed by the College for personal long distance calls.

3. Cell Phone Use
If an employee is issued a cell phone for business purposes, he/she is responsible for understanding and following all of the departmental policies and procedures for the use of the cell phone. Furthermore, it is the employee’s responsibility to protect the cell phone from theft or damage.