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College Policies I State of Emergency Procedures

Whenever an emergency affecting the campus reaches proportions that cannot be handled by routine measures, the Executive Vice President or his designee may declare a State of Emergency. There are two general categories of emergencies that may result in the implementation of this plan:

(1) large-scale disorder and

(2) large-scale natural/man-made disaster.

The following information is a summary of the state of emergency procedures. A complete policy statement and description of all related procedures is available upon request from the Department of Public Safety.

1. Notification

The telephone and electronic mail are both primary means of emergency notification at Washington College. These systems will be used, as needed, for the immediate transmission of specific information regarding an emergency to all affected areas of the campus.

2. Coordination

The Department of Public Safety is the focal point for official emergency telephone communications. Each College administrator, upon receiving notification of a declared or pending State of Emergency, shall pass the information along to those departments/offices under his/her direction.

3.  Emergency Command Post

When a State of Emergency is declared or is imminent, the Department of Public Safety shall set up and staff an appropriate Emergency Command Post. The regular department facilities and communications center located in Wicomico House is also to be kept fully operational at all times. If the emergency involves only one building or a small part of the campus, a Field Emergency Command Post will be established. If the emergency involves a large part of the campus, a General Command Post is to be set up in the Student Affairs Office in the Casey Academic Center. If this site is unavailable, the Emergency Coordinator is to select an alternate location.

4.  Campus Emergency Resource Team

In addition to establishing an Emergency Command Post as necessary, the Department of Public Safety shall immediately begin contacting all members of The Campus Emergency Resource Team not already involved in the emergency response.

The Campus Emergency Resource Team consists of the following personnel:

a.   Emergency Director (Executive Vice President or designee)

b.         Emergency Coordinator (Director of Public Safety)

c.         Director of Physical Plant

d.         Department of Public Safety Patrol Supervisor

e.         Vice President of College Relations

f.          Vice President for Student Affairs

Members of Senior Staff will appoint a specific person as Building/Area Coordinator for every activity under their control. The Building/Area Coordinator has the following general responsibilities during an emergency:

1. Inform all employees under their direction of the emergency condition.

2. Evaluate the impact that the emergency has on their activity and take appropriate action. This may include ceasing operations and initiating building evacuation.

3. Maintain telephone or direct communications with members of their own department during an emergency.