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College Policies I Sick Leave


Sick leave and extended illness leave are benefits that provide eligible employees with paid time off to obtain routine medical services and/or medical treatment and to recuperate from illness or injury. The amount paid for each day of sick leave is the amount the employee would earn for a normal workday. Sick leave may be used in the case of an illness, disability (including maternity) or injury of the employee. Sick leave may also be used for an illness or disability of an employee’s children, spouse or parents if the employee’s attendance is required.

The College reserves the right to request a physician’s certificate for any absence. An absence associated with illness, injury or a medical condition that extends longer than three work days may require a note from a physician. The physician’s note should specify the expected duration of absence or the approval to return to work.







Full-time Employees (40 hours)

80 hours per year

3.08 hours

Full-time Employees (35 hours)

70 hours per year

2.70 hours

Full-time Employees (10 month, 35 hours)

56 hours per year

2.55 hours


Part-time Employees

Regular part-time employees, eligible for sick leave, accrue leave on a prorated basis in proportion to the percentage of time worked in the previous anniversary year. The leave is credited annually in the pay period after the anniversary date.

Maximum Sick Leave Accrual

An employee’s maximum sick leave accrual equals 90 times the regularly scheduled daily hours. At the end of any pay period, an employee may not carry forward more than the allowable maximum sick leave accrual. If the maximum is reached, no additional sick leave will be accrued until sick leave has been taken to reduce the accrual below the maximum.

Status Change

When an employee who is eligible for sick leave changes normal work week hours, he/she begins accruing sick leave at the new rate for the pay period that includes the effective date of the status change.

Use of Sick Leave

Reporting to Supervisor

An employee is responsible for reporting to his/her supervisor, as early as possible prior to the employee’s scheduled starting time, that the employee is unable to report for work because of personal illness, injury, or illness in the immediate family. If an employee does not call his/her supervisor to report the use of sick leave, the employee will be considered absent without approved leave. Absence without approved leave may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Minimum Units

Sick leave may be used in minimum increments of one hour.

Reporting and Recording of Sick Leave Activity

All use of sick leave is to be recorded on the bi-weekly time sheet. Time sheets must be signed by the employee and reviewed and signed by the employee’s supervisor. Sick leave is printed on each employee’s pay stub. The amount of sick leave printed on the stub is one pay period behind the actual accrued balance.

Coordination with Other Leave

Vacation Leave

An employee with no accrued sick leave may charge additional absences to accrued vacation leave.

Illness while on Vacation Leave

If an employee becomes ill while on vacation, the leave is still counted as vacation leave, not as sick leave.

Leave without Pay

If an employee expends all accrued vacation leave, the employee may request a leave of absence without pay or a family and medical leave. Please refer to Sections 6 and 7 of this chapter describing family and medical leave and leave of absence without pay.

Workers’ Compensation

An employee is not charged sick leave when he/she has been approved for workers’ compensation benefits by the College’s carrier.

Advances of Sick Leave for Extended Illness

Regular full-time employees who have been employed for at least one year may be advanced a maximum of 10 days sick leave when a serious illness, injury or medical condition extends beyond the amount of available sick, vacation and personal leave. An advance of sick leave must be approved by the Vice President for Finance and Management. The employee must present a written physician certification to Human Resources in order to be eligible for an advance of sick leave. The payback for advanced sick leave shall begin immediately upon the employee’s return to work and continue until the advance has been repaid. Any sick leave taken during the payback period will be added to the amount to be repaid; however, the hours of sick leave to be repaid may not exceed the original amount advanced. Employees separating from employment prior to full payback must reimburse the College for the balance of the advanced leave taken.

Payment for Unused Sick Leave

An employee will not be paid for unused sick leave at any time, including separation from College service.