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College Policies | Short-Term Disability


Regular full-time employees who have completed one year of continuous full-time employment are eligible for short-term disability leave.


Short-term disability leave may be used when the employee is unable to perform the material duties of the employee’s regular job because of a non-work related illness, injury, or medical condition.

Exclusion Period

Short-term disability leave will not commence until after 30 continuous workdays of a certified medical disability. Workday is based on the employee’s work schedule and excludes administrative closings and paid Holidays.


For the 31st to the 65th workday, the employee receives 100 percent of pay.  For the 66th through the earlier of the 130th workday or the date for which the employee begins eligibility for long-term disability, the employee receives 60 percent basic monthly earnings as defined in the long-term disability insurance policy in effect at the beginning of the leave.

For any period for which the employee receives Short Term Disability benefits under this policy, vacation, sick, and personal leave will continue to accrue and the College will continue to pay the employer’s portion of premiums for group life insurance, disability insurance, health insurance and retirement contribution.

Coordination of Benefits

An employee may elect to use any available sick or vacation leave to receive up to 100 percent of the employee’s pre-disability pay after the 66th day and before long-term disability takes effect. Available sick leave may include sick leave pool withdrawals fro sick leave pool members.


The employee must present a written physician’s certification to Human Resources before benefits will be paid under this policy. During the leave period, the College reserves the right to require a medical examination by a physician selected by the College. The College will pay for a required medical examination. The College also requires a periodic update from a physician regarding the employee’s ability to return to work. Furthermore, an employee must present a physician’s certification documenting his/her ability to return to work.