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College Policies I Service Awards

The purpose of this policy is to recognize and show appreciation to those employees who have demonstrated their commitment in serving Washington College through continued employment.


Full-time benefit-eligible employees are eligible to receive the appropriate service award for every 5 years of service, beginning with 5 years of service. Also, the longest serving employee will be recognized.

Years of service are determined using an effective date of December 31. For example, an employee who began employment on May 1, 2008 will have served 5.5 years based on an effective date of December 31, 2013, and would therefore be eligible to receive a 5 year service award in the year 2013.

For the purpose of this program, full-time employment with Washington College is cumulative. If an employee who is in a full-time benefit-eligible position leaves Washington College and later is re-employed by Washington College in a full-time benefit-eligible position, the length of both periods of employment shall be added together in order to determine eligibility. Prior service in part-time or student positions will not be counted when determining eligibility. For teaching personnel and officials of academic rank, only those years during which the employee was considered full-time by Washington College for not less than the equivalent of two full semesters may be counted.

As the Service Awards program has evolved since its implementation and in the absence of a policy, standards for determining eligibility have changed periodically.  The current policy is effective for employees recognized for service after the year 2013. An exception to the eligibility standards may be made in the case where a long-serving employee in a part-time or temporary position has reached an anniversary and was previously recognized, prior to the year 2013, with a Service Award. This and any other exceptions to the policy must be approved by the Director of Human Resources.


When an employee reaches one of the service milestones as outlined above, he or she will be recognized at the annual George Washington Birthday Convocation in February and with a framed certificate by the President. Service Award recipients will also receive a monetary award, the amount of which will be determined as follows: number of years of service x $10.00:

  • 5 years of service: Employees who have achieved their 5 years anniversary will be presented with a certificate and recognized during George Washington Birthday Convocation; however they will not receive a monetary award.
  • 10 years of service=$100
  • 15 years of service=$150
  • 20 years of service=$200
  • 25 years of service=$250
  • 30 years of service=$300
  • 35 years of service=$350
  • 40 years of service=$400
  • 45 years of service=$450
  • 50 years of service=$500

The Service Awards Program shall be coordinated by the Office of Human Resources in collaboration with Campus Events. Each year the Office of Human Resources will generate a Years of Service report via Informer, which compiles data from Washington College‚Äôs electronic personnel records. This report will identify employees who will reach a milestone during the year. After making any necessary additions or corrections, the Office of Human Resources will approve the listing of Service Award recipients.  The Years of Service report will then be distributed to the Business Office and Campus Events by no later than December 1st. Award checks and Convocation invitations will be mailed to the recipients prior to college the closing for the winter break.

Service Awards Ceremony

The Office of Human Resources will collaborate with Campus Events to plan and execute the Service Awards ceremony. Award recipients will be excused from work with pay to attend the Service Awards ceremony. Award recipients are encouraged to bring a guest to help celebrate the day. Guests of Service Award recipients will receive priority seating at the George Washington Birthday Convocation.