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College Policies I Secondary Employment

An employee should disclose to their supervisor or department director any arrangements for secondary employment. Certain positions may be ineligible for secondary employment or types of secondary employment because of the nature of the duties performed for the College.  An employee accepting outside employment must understand that any resulting conflicts must be resolved in favor of Washington College.

An employee holding secondary employment which conflicts with employment at the College or results in a decline in job performance at the College may be asked to leave their secondary positions or face discipline up to and including discharge. Employees on a leave of absence from the College generally may not hold other employment.

A regular full-time employee may not accept secondary employment within the College except for the following:   

1. participation in the TEAM program,

2. an instructional assignment offered by the  Dean  and  Provost, 

3. employees  whose  primary  assignment  is an assistant  coach  or an assistant  athletic  trainer  position,  or  

4. an  assignment  approved  by  the  Director  of  Human Resources after consultation with the Vice President for Finance and Management.