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College Policies I Salary Administration

Washington College provides employees with a total compensation package, comprised of both salary and benefits, that recognize and reward performance and productivity while maintaining a competitive market position and internal equity.  In support of the College’s mission we endeavor to provide a level of compensation, both cash and benefits, to attract, motivate and retain the quality of workforce necessary for the achievement of the College’s goals.  The compensation program shall be consistent, responsive, transparent, and equitable.

The College is committed to a meritocracy.  Our performance management program is designed to increase the personal and professional effectiveness of our staff including providing staff with clear performance expectations and developmental opportunities.  We provide leaders with the tools and training to enable them to build effective teams and lead successfully including coaching performance and making sound compensation decisions.

The philosophy is accomplished by maintaining accurate job descriptions on all positions and  benchmarking jobs against comparable positions in the market.  Market data is defined as either CUPA HR data on comparable institutions or the local labor market depending on the position.  Comparator College is defined as by Human Resources in coordination with Senior Staff.

Decisions regarding compensation programs and individual pay decisions will be made based on the above objectives as well as the College’s financial situation.

Pay for individual positions is reviewed at least annually, following the completion of annual performance  reviews.  The  adjustments  reflect  a  number  of  factors  including  the  employee performance  as reflected in the annual performance  review, changes in the cost of living, and efforts to compensate employees in a more competitive manner based on comparable positions in the job market. Employees who commence employment in a new position after March 31 will only  be  eligible  for  comparability  adjustments. 

The College has a relatively small staff, and employees may need to fill-in for other employees who have left or are on leave. Normally, an employee working temporarily in a position with a higher pay is not provided  a salary adjustment  nor entitled  to acting pay. If the out-of-pay grade assignment continues for a significant duration and the duties are substantially greater, the Director of Human Resources may authorize acting pay which may take the form of an increase in the authorized pay rate or one or more “bonus” type payments.

Pay adjustments  outside the normal annual review process are authorized  only in exceptional circumstances and must be reviewed and approved in advance by the Director of Human Resources.

In general, all full-time (12 month) College employees are paid bi-weekly (26 or 27 pay periods per year). Payday is every other Friday. For an hourly employee, the gross amount of the check should normally be equal to the hours worked during the pay period multiplied by the employee’s hourly rate. Any premium time adjustments are added to the normal gross amount. For an exempt salaried employee, the gross amount of the check will be 1/26th or 1/27th of the employee’s annual salary.

The College is required by law to make payroll deductions  for social security, Medicare, and federal  and  state  income  taxes.  The  College  is  also  required  to  deduct  any  court-ordered garnishments. In addition, the College deducts the employee’s portion of any elected benefits with the written authorization of the employee.