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College Policies I Pornography in the Workplace Policy

Washington College prohibits the use of College equipment to access, view or store pornographic material in the workplace.  The work place includes offices, common and/or restricted spaces (limited to certain members of the College community) and public spaces (open to all members of the College community).  College equipment includes but is not limited to the College owned network, computers, cell phones, servers, and software or other technological devices capable of displaying visual images. Use of personal devices on the College network to access or view pornographic materials in the workplace is also prohibited.  In addition, viewing pornography on College property or at College events may interfere with a productive work environment and may constitute sexual harassment. 

An employee, including a student employee, who accesses, views or stores pornographic material in the workplace is subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment by Washington College.  If, in the course of their work, OIT personnel discover pornographic material on a College owned computer or other device, the discovery will be reported to Human Resources.  If pornographic material is found on a lab or public access machine, OIT should be contacted to remove the material.

In order for a Washington College‚Äôs faculty member or student to access and store pornographic material on a College owned device or server, for the purpose of research or in order to teach specific class topics, the faculty or student must inform the Provost and Dean of the College in writing and receive written permission to proceed. 

In all cases, without exception, child pornographic material will be reported to the appropriate authorities as required by federal law.