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College Policies I Personal Leave

Personal leave is a benefit that provides regular non-exempt employees who meet eligibility requirements with paid time off to meet family emergencies and tend to personal matters. It is expected that personal leave events will often require more immediate scheduling than vacation leave. The amount paid for each day on personal leave is the amount the employee would earn for a normal workday.


Regular full-time non-exempt employees are the only employees eligible for personal leave.

Accrual Rate

Non-Exempt employees are granted three (3) days of Personal Leave on July 1st of each fiscal year they are employed at the College. Employees employed after July 1st will also receive three (3) days of Personal Leave.

Use of Personal Leave

Request for Leave/Reporting to Supervisor

An employee should request the use of personal leave in advance from his/her supervisor. In case of an emergency, an employee is responsible for reporting to a supervisor, as early as possible, that he/she will be unable to report to work and request the use of personal leave. Employees are required to use established departmental call-out procedures in order to use personal leave.

Minimum Units

Personal leave may be used in minimum increments of one hour.

Recording and Reporting of Personal Leave

All use of personal leave is to be recorded on the bi-weekly time sheet. Time sheets must be signed by the employee and be reviewed and signed by the employee’s supervisor. Personal leave is printed on each employee’s pay stub. The amount of personal leave printed on the stub is one pay period behind the actual accrued balance.

Unused Personal Leave

After June 30th, unused personal leave is transferred to the employee’s sick leave accrual. Personal leave carries no cash value upon separation from College service.