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College Policies I New Position Request Policy

The purpose of this policy is to articulate a process and timeline for approving new staff positions which will be incorporated into the budget. The process will ensure that staffing decisions are made systematically, balancing the needs of the College with the fiscal resources available. The approval process will ensure that all requests for new staff positions are given fair and full consideration before priorities are established.


All requests to create new positions must be completed and submitted to the Office of Human Resources by November 1st. Prior to November 1, the Department Head with the approval of the appropriate Vice President will have developed an approved job description, justification and completed the New Position Request and Authorization Form in conjunction with the Office of Human Resources. After November 1, the Office of Human Resources will establish a pay grade and hiring range for the position and compile documentation on all requests to present to Senior Staff. At the Senior Staff meeting in November (early December) Senior Staff will review requests for additional positions and develop a ranking system to determine a funding priority list. The funding priority list will become an element in the initial budget projections in January.

Justification for a new position may be made on the following basis:

  1. The position is necessary for implementation of the Strategic Plan. In these cases the justification must include;
    1. Identification of the goals and tactics to be accomplished,
    2. A clear relationship between goals and job duties,
    3. An explanation of why the goals and objectives will not be completed without the new positions.
    4. Benchmark data should be included in the justification.
    5. Work load increases may require new positions. In these cases increased work load must be documented and efforts to streamline processes and procedures to avoid adding staff should be included.
  • For example, as new buildings come on live we must document the potential need for new housekeeping staff. Also, as the percentage of students with disabilities increase, we need to document the need for additional staff to serve students.

2. Compliance with new Federal and State regulations may require additional staff.

  • For example, we have observed increase in what the Federal Government expects for 504, Title IX, and Safety Enforcement, and the College will need to continue to monitor these and many other compliance issues. Justification in this case should include benchmark data, specifically how other schools are resolving the many compliance issues faced by Colleges.

3. A justification may focus on Return on Investment (ROI). ROI may be based on demonstrated cost savings or revenue enhancements. Revenue Enhancement justifications should be articulated on the basis of benchmark data on similar positions at comparable Colleges. All positions justified on the basis of ROI should be reviewed annually to assess the continuing need for the position.

  • For example, the case for creating a Purchasing Agent position would be based on a requisite estimated cost savings from the College‚Äôs operating budget. In this example, such an estimate could be developed from benchmark data or from savings based on discount from retail office supply chains.

A position justification may involve any one or more of the methods identified above.