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College Policies I Military Leave

Washington College will grant military leave of absence without pay to all regular full-time or regular part-time employees who enlist in the regular U.S. Armed Forces as well as the Reserves or National Guard. In the case of the Reserves or National Guard, leave will be permitted for initial training, periodic training (weekend duty or summer camp) and when the employee is called to active duty. The employee should notify his/her supervisor in advance of reporting to active duty. A Reservist or National Guardsman should provide the supervisor with a schedule of planned training periods. An employee who must serve in the Reserves or National Guard planned training may count this time as paid vacation leave or a leave of absence without pay.

In accordance with applicable federal and state laws, upon completion of military service, the College will restore the employee to his/her former position or to a position of like seniority, status and pay, provided they apply for reappointment within the designated legal time limits established by federal law and are qualified to resume employment. Any seniority established by an employee entering military service will be protected.

An employee on military leave will be eligible for benefits continuation as outlined in the leave of absence without pay policy. Employees on military leave will continue to accrue vacation and sick leave. An employee who plans to take military leave should inform Human Resources as early as possible to insure the continuity of applicable benefits.