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College Policies I Leave Plan


Regular full-time employees begin earning paid leave starting on the first day of employment with the College. Regular full-time employees are able to use accrued leave after the employee has worked for 90 calendar days. Example: An employee who begins work on September 1 will be eligible to begin to use paid leave on November 30.

An employee should request sick leave as early as possible prior to the employee’s scheduled starting time. Employees are required to request vacation and personal leave in advance from their supervisor. A supervisor has the discretion to grant or deny leave based on the needs of the College.

Employees on leave may be subject to discipline, up to and including immediate termination for:

1.         Providing false or misleading information or omitting certain information in connection with a leave;

2.         Violation of any of the College’s rules and regulations relating to a leave (or any other policy or performance standard); or

3.         Engaging in outside employment during leave unless otherwise authorized by the College.