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College Policies I Introductory Period

When an individual is hired for a new position at the College, the employee will meet with his/her supervisor to  review  the  position  description,  establish  an  appropriate  work  schedule  and designate the length of the employee’s initial introductory period. The length of the introductory period for a new employee will be determined and documented at the beginning of a new work assignment. The length of an introductory period may vary depending upon the department and the type of position (usual range:  90 days).  An  employee’s  initial  introductory  period  may  be  extended  by  a supervisor for a specified period of time with the approval of the Director of Human Resources.

At the conclusion of the designated  introductory  period,  the employee  will meet with his/her supervisor(s) to participate in a performance review. This review provides a valuable opportunity to evaluate the compatibility of the position and the employee. This initial review will include a written performance appraisal. The performance appraisal includes evaluation of the employee’s ability to meet the position requirements, the employee’s assets, job-related goals and objectives, and plans for further training and professional development.