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College Policies I Hours of Work

Normal Work Hours

Normal work hours for full-time staff are 35 or 40 hours per week.

  • Full-time office and clerical personnel are generally scheduled to work 35 hours per week from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, with one unpaid hour for lunch.
  • Most Buildings and Grounds, Public Safety and Dining Services employees and some other employees throughout campus are regularly scheduled to work a 40-hour week, the schedule of which is determined by the department. A 30-minute unpaid meal period is included in the daily schedule.

The supervisor, department lead, director or VP will inform staff members, upon hiring, of the expected work schedule for the position.


Employees are permitted to take appropriate breaks throughout the day.  For most 40-hour-per-week positions, employees are allowed up to two fifteen-minute paid breaks per full day, normally one in the first-half of one’s shift and one in the second-half of one’s shift.  Employees who are nursing mothers may take breaks to facilitate breastfeeding or milk expression, as provided by the College’s policy for Break Time for Breastfeeding Mothers.

Exempt Employees

Work schedules for exempt employees may vary because of coordination with academic needs, special events, or the needs of individual departments. Exempt employees are expected to meet the responsibilities of their work assignments within the framework of the College’s normal work schedule, with reasonable latitude for irregular workloads or special demands. Exempt employees leave request forms are due to the Payroll Office the Monday immediately after pay day for any leave taken in that pay period.

Non-Exempt Employees

Non-exempt employees are required to accurately document their time worked and their time off, using the designated time-keeping system for their department, which may be Web Time Entry or a timeclock in the work area.

  • The College rounds partial hours to the nearest quarter hour (e.g. 1:05pm rounds to 1pm; 1:12pm rounds to 1:15pm).
  • Without prior approval, employees should not:
    • begin their workday (“clock-in”) before the rounding period at the start of their shift, and/or
    • end their workday (“clock-out”) after the rounding period at the end of their workday
  • Time records must, at a minimum, include the number of hours worked each day and any paid time-off (e.g. vacation, sick, personal leave).
  • Time records should be completed by staff employees by noon on the Monday prior to payday; supervisors should approve time records by 2pm on the Monday prior to payday.

Time records for student workers should include actual start and end times (clock-in and clock-out times) and should be submitted and approved per the student payroll schedule.

  • A time record must be signed (electronically) by both the employee and the employee’s supervisor or designee.

Supervisors should clearly communicate and enforce the beginning and ending time of the workday (schedule) and should provide prior approval (verbal) for overtime, with the electronic timecard approval as a follow-up action.  Non-exempt employees will be paid for all time worked, however working unapproved overtime can result in disciplinary action.

Travel and Teleworking:   When to include in “hours worked”

Teleworking (Smartphone/Web Use and/or Working At Home)

If a non-exempt employee uses his/her smartphone to text, call or check email outside of her normal working hours, the time spent doing so would need to be added to his/her time for the day.

Travel Time

  • Single-day trip and all travel is during normal working hours, include the travel time in your hours worked for that day.

Example:  Travel to a meeting in Annapolis, leaving at 8:30am and arriving back at campus at 3pm.

  • Single-day trip and some travel is outside normal working hours, include all of the time spent traveling in the hours worked for that day.

Example: A non-exempt admissions counselor drives to a mid-week recruitment event in Pennsylvania:

Starting travel at 7 am for 3 hours 3 hrs
Sets-up materials from 10 am to 11am 1 hr
Has lunch at the event provided by the host,
ensuring materials are attended
1 hr
Work the event from 12 noon until 4 pm 4 hrs
Packs up and starts traveling at 4:30 pm 0.5 hr
Stops for dinner for 45 minutes* 0 hr
Arrives home at 8:15 pm 3 hrs
Total Work Hours 12.5 hrs

*Meal expenses paid by the College per the Travel & Expense Policy.  The day’s mileage or car rental also covered under the College’s Travel & Expense Policy.

  • If the employee is performing work during the travel time (e.g. reading prospective student files or donor profiles, or checking email while traveling), then the time spent doing work is included in the hours worked, as any work done during “passive” travel time (train, plane, ferry, etc.) is still work.
  • Travel time is work time if it occurs during the employee’s normal working hours, even if the travel is on nonworking days. For an overnight trip, hours spent traveling during the employee’s normal working hours are included in the hours worked, as are is “active” travel time.

Example:  A non-exempt employee attends a work-related conference in Chicago:

Worked in the office from 8:30 am until 12 noon 3.5 hrs

Start travel at 12 noon for an 3:15 pm flight out of


3.25 hrs
Flew from PHL to ORD, flight arriving at 6 pm CST (work day ends 4:30 pm EST) 1.25 hrs
Took shuttle to hotel & ate dinner near the hotel* 0 hr
Kept up with work email before bed 0.25 hrs
Total Hours Worked 9 hours
Conference starts at 8:30 am, includes continental breakfast

7 hrs

1-hour Break for lunch off-site at establishment of employee’s choice
Conference wraps up at 4:30 pm
Check email until 5:30 pm  1 hr
Met up with some conference attendees for dinner* 0 hr
Checked email before bed 0.25 hrs
Total Hours Worked 8.25 hrs
Conference starts at 8:30 am


5.5 hrs

Conference wraps up at 2pm and includes a boxed lunch during a workshop.
Checked email until 3pm 1 hr
Took shuttle to airport for 5 pm flight (work day ends at 4:30 pm) 1.5 hrs
Arrives in Philadelphia at 7pm EST typing notes for 45 min. during flight 0.75 hrs
Drove home from airport 3.25 hrs
Total Work Hours 12 hrs

*Meal expenses paid by the College per the Travel & Expense Policy.  The travel and hotel also covered under the College’s Travel & Expense Policy.


During certain peak periods, additional work may be required during a normal workweek. Only non-exempt employees are eligible for overtime compensation; exempt employees are not eligible for overtime compensation.  All overtime must be directed and approved by the employee’s supervisor in advance.  Supervisors must seek approval of substantial overtime commitments from the appropriate management prior to assigning overtime work. Working unapproved overtime can result in disciplinary action.

For the purpose  of  computing  overtime,  the College’s workweek  is  defined  as  Saturday  through  Friday. 

  • Hours worked up to 40 hours per week are paid at the employee’s regular hourly rate of pay.
  • For hours work in excess of 40 hours per week, overtime wages will be paid at one and a half times the employee’s hourly rate, except for those hours worked and paid under the College’s Administrative Closing Pay Policy as such hours are already paid at more than 1.5 times the employee’s normal hourly rate.