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College Policies I Holiday Leave

Holiday leave is a benefit that provides eligible staff with paid time off to celebrate certain national and other holidays. The amount paid for each day on holiday leave is the amount the employee would earn for a normal workday.


Full-time Employees

Full-time regular employees are eligible for holiday leave (except as provided by the subsections below).

Part-time Employees

Part-time regular employees with at least half-time appointments are eligible for holiday leave after one year of service. Holiday leave for part-time regular employees is prorated (based upon the percentage of time worked during the previous anniversary year).

Newly Hired Employees

A newly hired full-time regular employee commencing employment after October 31 is eligible for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day holiday pay during the winter break, but he/she will not be eligible for holiday pay for the other days during the winter break. The winter break usually begins on Christmas Eve and continues through the first work day after New Year’s Day.

Employees With Less Than 12-Month Appointments: Employees with less than 12- month appointments are not paid for holidays that do not fall within their appointment period.

Holiday Leave Days
  • Friday of Spring Break
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • The day before Thanksgiving
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Friday following Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve Day through the first work day after New Year’s Day
Other Holidays

The College recognizes that some employees may wish to celebrate religious and other holidays. Employees may use earned vacation or personal leave to observe these holidays with advanced coordination/approval of their supervisor. 

The College reserves the right to change the holiday schedule to serve the needs of the institution. The holiday schedule is published and distributed by Human Resources in January each year. It is unlikely that the College would deviate from the published schedule.

Payment in Lieu of Time Off

Non-Exempt Employees

Regular non-exempt employees required to work on an official College holiday will be paid at one and one-half times their regular hourly rate for actual hours worked on the holiday in addition to the regular holiday pay.

Exempt Employees

Regular exempt employees are not paid extra for working on an official College holiday. An exempt employee may, however, with the approval of the employee’s supervisor, substitute the College holiday for a normal workday during the same pay period.

Any employee who is absent without the College’s written approval on the scheduled workday before or after the holiday becomes ineligible for holiday pay. If a holiday falls during your vacation, you will record the Holiday as part of your time off.