Human Resources

College Policies I Flexible Summer Schedule

In our continuing efforts to improve/enhance our fringe benefits package, we are delighted to share with you the details of the Flexible Schedule Program which was introduced at Washington College in 2008. The program will enable staff members to arrive early and leave early during the summer months.

1. The Flexible Schedule Program will commence on the first work day after the Memorial Day holiday and will end on the last Friday before new students arrive.

2. All full-time employees will work either a 35-hour week (or 70 hours each pay period) or 40-hour week (or 80 hours each pay period);

3. All operational requirements of their department must be met;

4. Service to both internal and external customers must be maintained or improved;

5. Costs to Washington College will not be increased;

6. Each office or operation must be covered and adequately staffed during normal business hours;

7. Flexible schedules will not diminish the ability of Washington College to assign responsibility and accountability to individual employees for the provision of services and performance of their duties; 

8. In positions where a flexible schedule is permitted, requests from employees for any type of change in work schedule or work hours must be submitted via the Flexible Summer Schedule Form and will be considered on the basis of the above standards and work load of Washington College. The plan to work a flexible schedule must be approved by the supervisor, the department, and Human Resources. The decision of the department is final;

9. Flexible schedules must be set and not vary from pay period to pay period;

10. Employees are required to take a minimum of 30 minutes for their lunch break, and will be allowed to reduce their lunch break by a maximum of 30 minutes. Employees on a Flexible Schedule will not be allowed to eat either breakfast or lunch at their desk and claim that time as a credit towards their Flexible Schedule hours worked;

11. Employees may leave work a maximum of 90 minutes earlier than their regularly scheduled departure time; e.g. an employee’s regular schedule is 8:30 am to 4:30 pm with one hour taken for lunch. He/she meets the requirements of the Flexible Schedule Program, as a participant in the program. He/she now reports to work at 7:30 am, take a one-half hour lunch break and leave work at 3:00 pm.

12. Washington College reserves the right to suspend, cancel or amend this program at any time;

13. Employees who have been subject to disciplinary action during the previous 90 days may not be eligible to participate in the Flexible Schedule Program.