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College Policies I Discipline and Corrective Action

Disciplinary and corrective action is a process to help employees overcome poor job performance, strengthen work performance and achieve success.  In the case of minor  work performance problems a private discussion between the supervisor and the employee is the  first  step  in the  positive  discipline procedure.  The  supervisor should  specify  the  job performance  or  conduct that  is  not  acceptable and  the  actions necessary to  correct  the performance problem.  The supervisor should begin with a personal agreement with the employee along with a follow up email or document regarding the discussion.

In instances of serious poor job performance or of repeated minor performance issues, written notice will be given to the employee and made part of the employee’s permanent personnel record that is maintained by Human Resources. Failure  by  an employee  to be responsive  to such  written warnings will  lead  to  further  disciplinary  action including suspension  without pay  and/or discharge.

In the case of alleged serious misconduct, the employee will be suspended immediately (with pay) and required to leave the campus. Serious misconduct generally includes behavior or actions that could threaten the physical or mental well-being of members of the College community or the reputation or standing of the College. Following  an incident that involves alleged serious misconduct,  the  immediate  supervisor,  the  department  director,  and  the  Director  of  Human Resources will discuss the alleged misconduct and develop an appropriate action plan.

The action plan should include an investigation and interview(s) with the appropriate personnel. All meetings, findings, and outcomes will be documented in the employee’s personnel record that is maintained by Human Resources.  Violation of these or similar rules may lead to discipline, up to and including immediate termination.  Please refer to the Discharge section of the Termination of Employment policy.

The employee will be given the opportunity to see any written notices reporting disciplinary actions or any evaluations in his/her personnel file. If the employee feels that the disciplinary action is unfair, he/she may file a grievance.  Please refer to Grievance process policy.