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Washington College (“WC” or the “College”) recognizes Telework as an option that serves the best interests of Washington College faculty and staff in appropriate circumstances.  This policy provides an overview for Telework as a potential opportunity for certain positions and eligible employees.


Teleworking arrangements may be beneficial to WC and serve the interests of the institution, its employees and the environment.  Teleworking arrangements may also provide an avenue for ensuring the safety and security of College constituents.  WC has established a teleworking policy to provide alternative work arrangements that allow eligible employees to work at Remote Workplaces under appropriate circumstances.  Teleworking typically means using telecommunications technology to work at a location other than the Main Workplace. 


a. Main Workplace – The teleworker’s usual and customary work site, usually at the College.

b. Remote Workplace – A work site other than the Main Workplace, including the employee’s home, a non-campus office, or a telework center.

c. Telework – Work by an employee who is approved to work in a Remote Workplace. Telework does not include site visits or attendance at meetings away from the employee’s assigned workplace that are part of the employee’s regular job duties.

d. Eligible Employee – Generally, an employee who is not in a probationary/trial period, is in good standing and has worked in their current position/classification for a minimum of 6 months; exceptions may be made in appropriate circumstances (as defined by the Director of HR working in conjunction with the Supervisor and Chief of Staff) for employees whose length of service in their current position is less than 6 months.


A supervisor is responsible for determining which positions are suitable for Telework and at what frequency. The number of Telework days may be subject to additional approvals. An eligible employee who is interested in Telework shall contact their supervisor.  A position’s eligibility for Telework includes, but not limited to:

a. The best interest of the institution

b. The reason for the request

c. The position’s work duties, assignments, and activities are portable and can be performed effectively outside the Main Workplace;

d. The position’s requirement for face-to-face contact with other employees, clients, and members of the public can be replaced by telephone or e-mail communication without loss of effectiveness or productivity; and

e. The employee’s performance during Telework periods can be effectively evaluated.

If approved, the supervisor and employee will appropriately document the Telework arrangement utilizing the documents provided by the Human Resources Office. The decision to allow an employee to Telework will be reviewed periodically (generally each pay period). Additionally, the employee’s Telework schedule may be revised or rescinded by the supervisor, head of the department, or respective Vice President at any time, without notice, in order to meet the needs of the work unit, such as in-person coverage or changing workload in the unit, or to address issues involving the completion of assignments, productivity, or performance.

Employees working at a Remote Workplace must comply with all WC policies as if the employee were working at the Main Workplace.


Questions or concerns regarding this policy and/or its applicability should be referred to the Human Resources Office.