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Building Coordinators are the key personnel appointed for each building or facility to assist emergency planning and response departments during drills and in actual emergencies. Unless instructed otherwise by College officials, when a building alarm sounds, these designated individuals are expected to ensure, to the extent practical, that a safe, orderly evacuation is carried out until emergency responders arrive on the scene.

Building Coordinators are appointed by the Emergency Operations Group. There is one Building Coordinator assigned to each building. 

Building Coordinators 

PDF Building Coordinators List

Sorted by BUILDING, Revision:  March 2016(for changes and updates, please contact the Department of Public Safety at 410-778-7810).

Alumni House/Alumni Relations Maria Hynson 810-8303
Bunting Hall/Dean’s Office Marc Dykeman 778-7801
Casey Academic Center/Student Affairs Lisa Jones 810-5729
Casey Academic Center/Admissions Stephan Jordan 778-7212
Cain Athletic Center/Athletics Susan Kelly 778-7231
Casey Swim Center/Athletics Kim Lessard 778-7241
Custom House/ C.V. Starr Center Jenifer Emley 810-7161
Daly Hall Christy Rowan 778-7877
Dunning/Decker Hall Bari Lynn Kersey 778-7729
Foster House Theresa Capula 778-7762
Gibson Center for the Arts/Theatre Larry Stahl 778-7859
Goldstein Hall Cathy Naundorf 810-7416
Hodson Hall Commons/Dining Services Oits Monroe 778-7790
Hodson Hall Commons/Dining Services Alicia Boyd 778-7780
Hodson Hall Commons/Student Activities Nick Spicer 810-7146
Johnson Fitness Center/Athletics Jonnie Jenkins 778-7234
Larabee Arts Center/Art-Art History Heather Harvey 778-6514
Maintenance Building/Buildings & Grounds Michele Jordan 778-7210
Miller Library Jennifer Nesbitt 778-7292
Rose O’Neill Literary House Julie Armstrong 810-5768
William Smith Hall Debbie Reed 778-7875
John Toll Science Center Naomi Colon 810-5736
Truslow Boat House Ben Armiger 778-7242
500 Washington Avenue/Human Resources Krista Batchelor 778-7298
508 Washington Avenue Kate Goldberg 810-5724
309 Washington Avenue    
Queen Annes/Health Services Vicky Anderson 778-7261
Career Services Nerina Fleegle 778-7890
Public Safety Kimbra Bruce 778-7810
151 Dixon Drive Kelsey Newcomb 443-282-0010
Brown Cottage Carol Landis 778-7888
Sears House Vacant/B&G 778-7210
Hillel House