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College Policies I Administrative Closing Pay Policy

At times it may be necessary for the College to declare specific hours as administrative closing as the result of inclement weather or other campus emergency situations.  Up and until that determination is made, the College expects all employees to be on the job when they are scheduled to work.

As the College is a residential community for our students, those departments and operations of the College that support its residential life must remain open for the duration of the inclement weather to ensure the safety and well-being of all people who live here.

Departments that support the College’s residential life, and whose workers are therefore considered “essential personnel,” include Buildings & Grounds (including Grounds, Maintenance and Housekeeping), Dining Services, Public Safety, and Residence Life. 

Others may be classified as “essential personnel” by their department heads, as specific work-related duties or processes may be essential at the time of an unplanned closure. 

Essential personnel will normally be required to report for work at their normally scheduled times, even when classes are canceled and/or administrative offices are closed.

If a closure has not been announced:  Employees who judge that they cannot come to work (typically because of the weather) must use vacation or personal days in order to receive their regular pay.  When there is a business necessity, supervisors may permit employees to make up the time lost provided it can be done within the work week in which the event occurred and the supervisor has approved the request in writing.

Employees may request unplanned vacation or personal leave in anticipation of a weather related emergency.  Approval of such requests will be based on the business requirements of an employee’s services.  If the employee is essential to the continued operation of the department or unit, then the request may be denied.  These same employees will not be allowed to use sick leave for the weather related emergency for which vacation was requested.  If essential employees fail to report to work during a weather related emergency, the missed time will be treated as leave without pay.

If a closure has been announced:  Essential employees who do not report to work will be unpaid.  Essential employees who “call out” for their shift may be disciplined.

Non-exempt (hourly) essential personnel who work will be paid two and one-half times their normal pay rate for any hours worked during the administrative closure.  As this premium pay rate exceeds the requirements for overtime, paid worked administrative closure does not contribute to the hours eligible for overtime.  This two-and-a-half times (2.5x) base pay for time worked during an administrative closure applies to those who work when scheduled and to those called in to provide additional coverage or shifts.

Exempt (salaried) essential personnel who work will receive additional time off for every full day of work required of them during an administrative closure; arrangements should be made with one’s supervisor for taking off additional paid time.

Non-essential personnel (exempt (salaried) and non-exempt (hourly)) who are not required to work will be paid their regular rate for any shift scheduled during an administrative closure.  If the closure occurs when an employee is not scheduled, there is no pay impact (employees who are not scheduled to work during an emergency closing will not be compensated for the emergency closing).

Some examples:


Essential Hourly Employee Works

Non-Essential Employee Does Not Work

Delay declared at 7am until 10:30am

Employee receives 2.5x their base rate for time worked between 7am and 10:30am

Employee receives regular pay for regularly scheduled hours until 10:30am and is expected to report to work by 10:30am

Delay turns into closure

Employee receives 2.5x their base rate for time worked that day

Employee receives regular pay for regularly scheduled hours that day

Administrative closure announced to begin at 3pm

Employee receives 2.5x their base rate for time worked after 3pm that day

Employee receives regular pay for regularly scheduled hours that day

Administrative closure announced at 7am for the day

Employee receives 2.5x their base rate for time worked that day

Employee receives regular pay for regularly scheduled hours that day


Depending on the nature of the inclement weather or other reason for the administrative closure, essential personnel and those employees who live near campus may be asked to perform emergency functions for which they are qualified but which may be different than the usual functions of their jobs. 

If an employee has scheduled to be off work during an administrative closure (scheduled vacation, personal or sick time), the employee will receive administrative closing pay for the time of the closure instead of being charged for the paid leave.