Zimbra Mobile

Zimbra brings over a powerful mobile web interface and over the air sync to your mobile device.

Mobile Web Interface

Users can access Zimbra from any device with an internet connection in the exact same way. However, users on mobile devices can choose to use a highly optimized web interface created specifically for them. To do so, simply visit Fill in your username and password, make sure Mobile is chosen in the drop down menu beside Which version would you like to use? and click Log In.

Learn more about the mobile web interface:

Over The Air Sync

Zimbra uses over the air sync to keep your email inbox, calendars and contacts current on your mobile device. New email messages, calendar appointments and reminders are automatically pushed to your device. Any device that works with Microsoft Exchange protocols can work with Zimbra sync. Learn more with these resources:


Every 90 days, you will be asked to change your password for Zimbra. You must change your passowrd in your web client first, then change it in all other devices you use to connect to Zimbra BEFORE you try to use those devices. If you forget to do this, you will be locked out of Zimbra. Please contact the help desk at 410-778-7777 if this happens.


Students, faculty and staff with questions about mobile collaboration powered by Zimbra should contact the HelpDesk at 410-778-7777 for answers.