Email Using Zimbra

Email Facts

With Zimbra email, users can:

  • Send email with up to 10 MB attachments
  • Store up to 500 MB of email in student accounts, 1000 MB of email in faculty and staff accounts
  • Access the online email directory within the web client, providing lookup and completion of email addresses while composing
  • View messages as threaded conversations based on topics
  • Take advantage of a modern web interface that behaves very much like a desktop email application
  • Access Zimbra email from a variety of mobile devices including BlackBerry and iPhone
  • Use desktop email applications like Outlook and Zimbra Desktop (see FAQ)

Zimbra Desktop

The Zimbra Desktop Client is a fully functioning desktop version of the Zimbra Web Client. In Zimbra 7, the desktop and web client have a very similar layout, making going back and forth between the two even easier than before. To use the Zimbra Desktop Client, follow these directions for Installing Zimbra Desktop. There is also a video about using Zimbra Desktop here

Zimbra Desktop also allows you to store mail locally. You can learn how to do this by reading the storing mail locally document.


Students, faculty and staff with questions about Zimbra email should contact the HelpDesk at 410-778-7777 for answers.