WC Cell Phone FAQ

  • When can I upgrade my cell phone?

    While Verizon provides an opportunity to upgrade, we would strongly prefer taking advantage of this only when absolutely necessary.  Cell phones have a fairly long life and in the spirit of conservation of devices as well as the allocation of additional staff time which is required for migrations and device management, we ask that you only request an upgrade if the features of a new device are critical for your position.  In the event that an upgrade is necessary, please receive authorization from your supervisor and the Budget Office prior to contacting LAT.

  • As an employee of Washington College am I eligible for a discount on a personal plan?

    Yes, follow these instructions: Verizon Wireless offers an 18% discount to WAC employees for their *personal* wireless plans.  Also really easy to sign up for at  You just enter your email address, and then click a link sent to your email.

  • I am having difficulty making calls in campus buildings. What can I do?

    You can activate Wi-Fi calling on most cellphones issued at Washington College. For step-by-step directions, please read about Wi-Fi Calling or contact the HelpDesk for assistance.

  • Who do I contact when my phone is not working properly?

    For 24/7 immediate assistance, dial 1-800-922-0204, enter your phone number when prompted, select 0 to bypass the automated system to speak with a representative.

  • Who is our direct contact with Verizon?

    Sean Christenson is our dedicated government representative. 

    Phone Number: 410-726-3353

  • Who handles the billing and the acquisitions for the cellular program?

    The Technology Acquisitions Administrator

  • Whose responsibility is it to support technical issues for the WC cellular phones?

    The end user is responsible for contacting Verizon. Verizon provides technical support for the phones.

  • If I leave Washington College, can I keep my number?

    If transferring your number to a new employer, ask your new employer for a form that allows Agency to Agency transfer.


    If you want to transfer it to a personal phone, you will need to complete an Assumption of Liability form and prior to the transfer you will need a new device without a phone number to accept the existing phone number.

  • What if I need to travel internationally?

    Before asking your Budget Manager and Budget Director’s approval, use the below link to evaluate the cost of the international travel plan that will best serve your needs while abroad. Contacting our dedicated representative, , 410-726-3353, is advised for those with questions. To see a list of available services and pricing, please follow this link, Verizon International travel plans and rates.

  • Who do I contact about billing and budget questions?

    The can answer budget related questions. Amount billed against the cellular budget code can be answered by the Technology Acquisitions Administrator or the .

  • How do I get a different phone then what is offered with the basic WC plan?

    Your budget manager will need to justify the need to purchase a different device.