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Health & Counseling Services

What to Bring

What should students bring with them to Washington College?


1. Glasses as a back up for contact lenses
2. Advil, Aleve or Tylenol
3. Bandages
4. Antibiotic cream for cuts
5. Upset stomach medication
6. Antihistamines, decongestants
7. Thermometer
8. Lock Box for Medications
9. Hand Sanitizer


1. Completed Washington College Health & Immunization Form
2. List of Medication with dose and frequency
3. Arrangements for medication refills (Adequate amount of medication until next school break)
4. Insurance Information and copy of insurance card
5. Copy of prescription card
6. Home Physician name and telephone number
7. Treatment plans for Chronic Health Illness
8. Treatment plans for Chronic Mental Health Illness
9. List of Any Allergies
10. Durable Medical Supplies: Nebulizers, Peak Flows, Diabetic Supplies, Glucometers, etc.
11. Allergy Serum and Instructions