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Health & Counseling Services

Making Emergency Counseling Referrals

As a member of the faculty/staff, you have frequent contact with students that may allow you to identify those who are at risk of encountering personal difficulties. We ask you to assist us by referring those students to the appropriate support services.

Students who are having difficulty may demonstrate one or a combination of the following:

  1. Change in academic performance (absence from class, failure to complete assignments on time);
  2. Drug or alcohol abuse;
  3. Anxiety or depression (reports of fear, apprehension, sadness, unhappiness);
  4. Complaints of illness;
  5. Poor concentration;
  6. Change in sleeping/eating habits;
  7. References to loss of hope, pessimism or suicide via verbal communication or social media;
  8. Anger.

If you become concerned about a student for these or other reasons, refer the person to Counseling Services, by phoning 410-778-7261.  After hours you may contact Public Safety with concerns at 410-778-7810.   Public Safety will contact the Counselor on call.