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Health & Counseling Services


There is no charge for your visit to the Health or Counseling Center. However, we currently charge for the following types of items: prescription and some over-the-counter medications dispensed on site, vaccines, in-house lab tests such as strep tests and urinalysis. Procedure charges may include suturing,nebulizer treatments, removal of impacted ear cerumen, cryo-freezing of warts or lesions, nail trephination, Fluorescein eye exam and removal of foreign bodies. There are charges for medical supplies dispensed such as ace wraps, splints,slings, and reusable hot/cold packs.These items and services will be billed to your student account.

Students have a choice of receiving a written prescription to take to a local pharmacy or to purchase prescriptions from Health Services for medications that we stock.Students are financially responsible for the cost of any services performed outside of the College Health Center or prescriptions that need to be filled at a local pharmacy.

Please feel free to inquire about the amount of the charge before medications, tests or vaccines are given. These charges cannot be refunded after services are rendered.

We do not bill insurance companies, but are happy to provide you with a receipt if you need it to submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement.