Offices & Services

Student Identification and Communications

Upon entering the program and registering for classes, graduate students at Washington College should complete the following steps:

1. Obtain a Washington College Identification Card.

The Office of Public Safety issues ID cards and is located on the ground floor of Wicomico Hall. It maintains office hours of 8:30-4:30, Monday through Friday. The ID card provides access to campus facilities and resources, including Miller Library.

2. Activate and Access Web Mail.

Each student is issued a username and password that enables Web Mail access via a link on the College's home page, The College disseminates Program announcements via Web Mail, and it is important that students activate their accounts and check them periodically. Web Mail is accessible via the "Login" link on the College's homepage: Students wishing to forward e-mail sent to their Web Mail accounts can do so by clicking Login page's "Forward" link and providing the necessary information.

3. Access Web Advisor.

Students can access Web Advisor ( using their Web Mail usernames and passwords. Web Advisor provides each student a variety of academic information, not the least of which are grades and transcripts. Web Advisor is accessible via the "Login" link on the College's homepage: