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Matriculated students who are well advanced in the program may petition for up to two independent study options. Independent Study forms may be obtained from the Office of Graduate Admissions or online at the graduate website ( Because it may take some time to find a faculty adviser with whom to arrange the details of an independent study, students should begin the petition process early. Completed petitions, including detailed descriptions of the course content and mechanics, must be submitted to the chair of the appropriate graduate department at least three weeks prior to the start of the semester in which the student intends to pursue the independent study.

Students who wish to take advantage of this option should address their petitions to the chair of their graduate program. The petition must include a brief description of the course and the name and signature of the faculty member who has agreed to supervise the independent study. The description should also include an examination of the method and the extent of faculty supervision required, a list of works to be investigated and a statement of the mechanics of the course. A statement explaining the place of this course in the student´┐Żs overall program should be included as well. A copy of the syllabus and bibliography should be attached.

The department chair will consult with the faculty adviser as well as with the director of the graduate program before approving the independent study. As a general rule, proposals for independent study should not duplicate courses that are a regular part of the curriculum. Once the petition has been approved, the faculty adviser and the student will be notified.