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  • Rachel Scholz, Ph.D., University of Maryland
  • Robert Siudzinski, Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  • Sean O Connor, Ph.D., The Catholic University of America, Emeritus

Although Washington College does not offer the Master of Arts degree in Education, it does offer a number of Education courses for graduate credit by special arrangement. These courses are offered as a service to area teachers who are working on graduate degrees at other institutions, who are seeking advanced professional certification, or who simply want to extend their graduate studies into the area of Education. Students interested in Special Topics courses or Independent Study should contact Professor Rachel Scholz (

Education 503 - Reading in the Content Area � I: Secondary Level

A course designed for in-service middle and high school teachers to familiarize them with the latest research in the field of reading and to teach them effective instructional strategies based on that research. Performance assessment will be employed as participants are expected to demonstrate competency in using content area reading strategies in their teaching.

Education 504 - Reading in the Content Area � II: Secondary Level

Building on EDU 503, this course extends the skills of middle and high school teachers, from the effective use of reading strategies in their teaching to the development of coherent literacy programs that support content area learning. Emphasis will be given to identifying and meeting the needs of students with diverse backgrounds and abilities. Performance assessment will be used throughout the course. Prerequisite: EDU 503

Education 505 - Principles of Education

The historical, philosophical, and sociological foundations of education will be studied; topics relevant to contemporary education in the United States will be examined.

Education 598, 599 - Special Topics in Education

Note: Washington College will no longer offer Education Courses through the Regional Training Center (RTC) beginning August 2009.