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Summer International Internships

Spending a summer abroad can be an exciting and invaluable experience.

Finding an internship in another country however, can be time consuming and challenging.  It can require a great amount of research, contacting people internationally, and arranging paperwork and travel details.  For all of these reasons, Washington College offers and/or partners with a number of organizations through which WAC students can intern. 

Washington College Faculty Organized Internships

Washington College faculty are continuously searching for and creating learning opportunities for you that include internship experiences overseas!  The Education Department offers a global teaching experience to Tanzania which has a classroom/school-based field component to the program.  For students who participate in Dr. Tahir Shad and Dr. Aaron Lampman’s summer program to Tanzania, students can opt to stay after the program and intern through the group Terrawatu.  Dr. Shad additionally works with students who wish to intern through the America’s Unofficial Ambassadors program.  If you are interested in any of these opportunities organized by Washington College faculty, please e-mail the faculty leaders directly to set-up a time to meet and discuss the programs. 

Outside Internship Partners

Whether you are looking for a Business internship in Barcelona, Spain; you want to intern at a health clinic in Costa Rica; or you want to do an internship at the Edinburgh Arts Festival in Scotland, Washington College’s partner organizations will work with you in achieving those dreams.  The College has reviewed the services provided by international internship vendors and recommends that you consider the offerings from CIS-Abroad, IFSA-Butler, or the Hansard Parliamentary Internship Program.   Below is an overview of the three organizations with which Washington College partners and some other general information on interning for credit or solely for the experience.