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The Washington College Summer Program in Ecuador for Environmental Studies is a three week program offered in conjunction with the Universidad San Francisco de Quito.

Ecuador is a country of diversity and contrast. Directly on the equator, it is the smallest of South America’s Andean republics and one of the easiest to explore from the Andean highlands, to the lush Amazon rain forest, to the world’s treasury of unique species, the Galapagos Islands. Rich in natural and human history, Ecuador is truly a paradise where you can visit a high altitude alpine lake, take a night walk through a tropical rain forest, and see for yourself the world that authenticated Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.The Summer program in Environmental Studies offers an expansive and comprehensive look at Ecuador’s varied habitats, ecosystems and abundant flora and fauna. In addition to learning about wildlife in one of the most species-rich countries in the world, students will also gain an understanding of Ecuador’s social and economic issues and the challenges it faces as a developing country while attempting to conserve its resources for future generations.


Classes will be taught in English by faculty from the Universidad San Francisco de Quito and by the accompanying Washington College faculty director.


All undergraduate students are eligible to apply for the Summer Program in Ecuador. Students should meet the following prerequisites:

  • Strong academic record. Evidence of good character, maturity, and motivation. Ability and willingness to adapt to a foreign environment.
  • Written approval from parents (for minors).

Students should make an appointment to speak to the Director of Student Financial Aid to discuss the financial aspects of the program they plan to attend.The comprehensive cost of this program covers roundtrip airfare to and from Ecuador; all air and ground transportation within Ecuador; all meals and lodging for the duration of the trip; all entrance fees to various sites and museums; all costs for various scheduled events; the Washington College study abroad fee; and other program expenses.The fee does not include the cost of health insurance, inoculations, accident or major medical insurance, or personal expenses.

Living Arrangements

During their stay in Quito, students will be housed with Ecuadorian host families. During the field trips, students will stay in hostels or hotels.


The Washington College Summer Program in Ecuador entails 45 hours of formal classroom instruction and more than 50 hours of field experience. The course will earn a full academic credit (four credit hours).