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Study Abroad

Policies and Guidelines

These policies apply only to full-time off-campus experiences for Fall and Spring semesters.

A. Approved Programs
Approved programs include the following Washington College programs:
  1. Exchange Programs are governed by bilateral agreements under which Washington College and the partner institution agree to the exchange of students for a semester or the academic year.
  2. Study Abroad Programs are when Washington College students study at an affiliate institution but there is not a reciprocal exchange of students.
B. Other Programs
Students participating in study abroad program other than those listed above (A.1-A.2) are required to withdraw from Washington College for the duration of the program. No financial aid will be processed or available for use toward program expenses. Eligibility for financial aid will be reassessed upon return to Washington College.
C. Student Eligibility
A student who has attained at least second semester sophomore status (time on-campus, not credits) may be eligible to participate in a semester long off-campus experience. Thus students in the second semester of their sophomore year, junior year and first semester of their senior year are eligible, provided they meet the academic requirements for the program.Students on academic or disciplinary probation are not eligible to apply for nor participate in study abroad programs. Students on academic or disciplinary warning may be considered on a case-by-case basis.All students must have been full-time matriculating students at Washington College for at least one semester to become eligible for participation.Students must meet the GPA requirements of the exchange institution in order to apply. 
D. Approval
An eligible student’s selection of an approved international program must be approved by the student’s Faculty Advisor and the Director of the Global Education Office.
Study abroad slots are limited. When the number of students applying is greater than available slots for any location, the following factors will be considered in the selection of applicants:
  1. Students in majors that require study abroad (in order of seniority)
  2. Students with a demonstrated academic reason for attending a specific program
  3. Seniors, then juniors, then sophomores
  4. Strength of application, e.g. cumulative GPA, overall academic record, professor recommendations, personal interview, discipline record, etc.
  5. Date completed application is submitted to the Global Education Office
E. Frequency and Length of Participation
An eligible student may participate in a semester experience, an academic year at one program site, and academic year at two program sites.International Studies (IS) and Modern Language (ML) majors may study up to three semesters off-campus with the written approval of the chair of the department and the Provost and Dean of the College.
F. Application
A student wishing to participate in an eligible program shall apply to the Global Education Office in accordance with procedures established by that office.
GTuition and Fees
  1. All students participating in eligible semester-long off-campus programs will be charged the current Washington College tuition.
  2. In addition to tuition, a student participating in an Exchange Program described in Subsection A-1 will pay a standard room fee if the program is a tuition and room exchange; a standard room fee, a 19-meal plan fee, and the student activity fee, if the program is a full exchange.
  3. In addition to the above charges, all students participating in an eligible program will be charged the Off-Campus Study Fee - the fee is charged one time per each program in which the student participates.
  4. After signing the “Confirmation of Participation Agreement,” a student will be liable for all expenses incurred on his/her behalf, including, but not limited to the forfeiture of the $200 application fee, any deposits, and in the case of a Joint Program, the entire Program Fee.
H. Financial Aid
Financial aid for approved study abroad programs will be based on a student’s financial aid eligibility for the current academic year.Students may receive federal, state, and non-Washington College private source aid, provided that the grantor’s rules deem such experiences as eligible for aid.Students may also receive Washington College unrestricted aid but not Washington College restricted aid (e.g. a room grant or book grant).All degree-seeking international (F-1 visa) students must be studying in a major that requires an International experience to be eligible to keep their financial aid grants while studying abroad.