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France: American Business School

Program type: Tuition/Room

University Overview

The American Business School was established in 1985 and is one of the first English-speaking business schools in France modeled on American undergraduate business education and has established links with several renowned American universities. Today, the American Business School has over 700 alumni working in over 22 countries in marketing, finance, import/export and sales positions. Since its inception, the American Business School has attracted students from all around the world and has evolved from a uniquely Franco-American vision to a completely global approach to business education. In 1995, the American Business School joined IGS (Institut de Gestion Sociale), one of France’s most dynamic private non-profit universities, an innovator in the field of practical business education.

With 48% French students and 52% non French students representing 65 different nationalities, the American Business School Paris offers real diversity in the classroom. Typical feedback from study abroad students when they finish at the school is that they actually get to really meet people of different cultures and nationalities. At the American Business School Paris, small class sizes, diversity, readiness to challenge assumptions creates a real environment for cross cultural exchange and understanding. What can best be called an ignorance of what is politically correct conjugated with values such as tolerance for all forms of diversity; humanism and entrepreneurship foster a strong, challenging, broadening and self developing learning environment.

The City of Paris

Paris and its region is one of the major business centers in Europe and the headquarters for many multinational companies are located there. The American Business School students benefit from the proximity of these firms for internships, company visits and corporate presentations.

Program Overview

A U.S. accredited Bachelor of Business Administration curriculum taught entirely in English by professors who are American, or have trained in America, but who all have their own unique international experience and career paths that they bring into the classroom thus adding further experienced diversity.


All French students commute so the French campuses don’t have dorms but The American Business School can organize the housing for the students. Besides living outside the campus is a good way to make the most of Parisian life.