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France: Universite D’Artois

Program Type: Tuition Exchange

University Overview

Situated in a small city approximately one hundred miles to the north of Paris (fifty minutes by high-speed train), the Arras campus of the Universite D’Artois is one of the most recently created centers in France for the study of the liberal arts. The campus received its first students in the early 1990’s and has been rapidly growing ever since.

Arras itself was famous throughout Europe during the Middle Ages for the manufacture of textiles. While few evidences of the medieval city remains, it does boast two of the most beautiful 18th century public squares in all of Europe. Both the city and the campus are of a scale that should appeal to a student who is hestitant about facing the costs and pressures of big-city and big-university life.


All classes will be taught in French by regular faculty of the Universitœ D’Artois. The “Service de Scolaritœ,” located on campus, advises all students. The French coordinator for this program is M. Raymond Ledru, Chair of the English Department, who has ties in Chestertown that have led to frequent visits to our campus.


D’Artois does not have student dormitories, however through a student office—called the “C.R.O.U.S.”—they provide assistance in locating appropriate off-campus housing, perhaps with other students or with a family. Housing is relatively easy to arrange, although more possibilities are available in June, when the office opens, than in October, when classes begin. A furnished room in a home or an apartment will probably cost $250/month. The “Auberge de la Jeunesse” (Youth Hostel), located on the Grande Place in the center of the city, is the best place to stay while looking for a room.