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Hong Kong: Lingnan University

Program Type: Tuition/Room Exchange

University Overview

The only liberal arts institution in Hong Kong, Lingnan University was established in July 1999, though the original college was founded in 1967 modeled after its first establishment in China, which opened in 1888. This small campus is located in the New Territories in Tuen Mun and is filled with both eastern and western architectural, cultural, and teaching styles. There are approximately 2,000 students at Lingnan, 75% of whom live on campus. The campus includes four teaching blocks, indoor and outdoor sports complexes, outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, amenities building (student union and activities) and student hostels (dormitories).

Hong Kong is a bilingual society with Chinese and English as its national languages. Both languages are spoken, taught and fostered at Lingnan University (approximately one-half of the classes are taught in English).

Academic Culture

Visiting students are directly enrolled in Lingnan classes. It is important to note that Lingnan uses a bell grading curve across sections of the same course. 

Student Life

Lingnan University provides a campus environment that promotes self-learning and maximizes opportunities for social, cultural and extra-curricular activities. An annual cultural festival, swimming gala, intramural sports tournaments, singing and dance contests, and high-table dinners are some highlights on-campus. During term time, the President’s breakfast, staff-student tournaments and assemblies also take place.


Approximately 1,500 of Lingnan’s 2,000 students reside in the student hostels. Each room is a double occupancy and exchange students will not be living with another exchange student. Hostels are divided up by gender with all males living on the first floors and females residing on the second floors. All rooms have two LAN points for access to the university’s network. There are a total of six hostels—all of which are fully air-conditioned. Each floor has a small pantry and shared bathroom/shower facilities. Each hostel has its own warden, senior tutors and tutors who look after the welfare of their residents as well as plan various activities throughout the year.

There is no student meal plan at Lingnan. Students may purchase their meals from the student canteen or the full-service Chinese restaurant on campus, or at the large array of off-campus restaurants nearby.