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International Internships

Interning in another country is an exciting and invaluable experience that enables you to develop workforce-ready and intercultural skill sets. However, finding an internship in another country can be time consuming and challenging. 

As a way to ensure our students have access to quality international internships, Washington College offers and/or partners with a number of organizations through which WAC students can intern internationally during the summer months or over winter break.  Our partners include: CISabroad, Creative Learning, IFSA-Butler and their affiliate the Alliance for Global Education, and the Hansard Scholars Programme.  The Hansard Scholars Programme is also an option for semester-long study abroad in the fall or spring; the rest are only summer or winter term options. 


Summer and winter term internship program costs range in price from $3,500 to $10,000 based on the location and duration of the program.  Airfare is not included in the program fee.  You and your family should review the cost information provided by each organization and ensure that you understand the breakdown of the program fee.  You can review scholarship funds available for internships by clicking here. While scholarships are available, they rarely cover the total cost of the program.   

Academic Credits

We encourage students to consider the merits of either doing an international internship for academic credit or solely for the experience. If you wish to receive academic credit, you will first meet with the Assistant Dean for Curricular Innovation, Tya Pope (, to review the required procedures and forms.  For more details on internships for academic credit click here.      

International Insurance

All students are encouraged to understand how their individual or family’s health insurance policy will cover them abroad.  If your medical insurance does not cover you overseas, we encourage you to purchase short-term travel insurance.  Students receiving academic credit and/or funding from Washington College for their internship experience will be eligible for emergency medical insurance. 

On-campus Assistance

Global Education Office: Assistant Director for Study Abroad, Alexandra Levy, is happy to talk with you about partner organization programs.  Please keep in mind that while Ms. Levy can review the information with you, the final decision on which organization to partner with, the application process, and the pre-departure legwork will be your responsibility.  Email to schedule an appointment with Ms. Levy.

Career Development: Nanette Cooley, Director of Career Development is available to work with you on writing a resume and preparing a cover letter when applying for your internship.  Make sure to visit the Career Development Office and work with the skilled professionals to ensure you are submitting a top-notch resume and cover letter!  Visit to see all the great services Career Development has to offer. 

Visas and Work Authorizations

Many countries will allow entrance to U.S. citizen visitors for a maximum of three months. However, if you wish to earn money during this time, or plan on staying longer than three months, a visa may be necessary. You will have to research the visa and any other internship authorization required of your host country. Identifying the proper paperwork needed to work legally in another country will require time and research. If you have secured a position in a country not represented by one of the aforementioned organizations, you should contact the company that has made you an offer, as well as that nation’s embassy. You will need to work with those two entities in securing the required paperwork and documentation to obtain a visa and work authorization.