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Study Abroad

Information for Families & Students

Planning to spend a semester, or full academic year, abroad can be an overwhelming process. The Washington College Global Education Office can help you with this as well!

While we won’t help you pack, we can offer a lot of great advice to help make your study abroad experience as enjoyable as possible.


The highest priority at Washington College is the safety and well being of our students. This is especially important for students studying abroad. This link will provide you with additional information on best practices for ensuring your personal safety while abroad, as well as additional safety resources. 


Procedures for each study abroad program are different. The information contained in this section is to provide general guidelines regarding the part of the study abroad process known as pre-departure. 

While Abroad

Make sure you take advantage of as much cultural experience as possible during your study abroad semester! This section is full of suggestions on how to get the most out of your time in country.


Adjusting back to life in the U.S. and on-campus can at times be a challenge. In this section you will find helpful information on making the transition easier, and ways to showcase your experiences.

Stories From Abroad!

Use the incredible interactive Globe to get first hand accounts of the amazing experiences that Washington College students have had during their time abroad.