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Short Term Summer & Winter Programs

Washington College faculty craft innovative, in-depth, site-specific summer and winter programs that take course content and make it come alive.

These programs are managed by the faculty leaders and academic departments so you are encouraged to reach out directly to the professor leading the program.  Below are a few examples of the phenomenal programs run by Washington College faculty:


  • Ecuador

    Investigating environmental science throughout Ecuador is the aim of Dr. Leslie Sherman in her short-term program.  Chair, Environmental Science and Studies and the W. Alton Jones Associate Professor of Chemistry, Dr. Sherman’s program explores various eco-systems of Ecuador from the highlands, to the coast, to the Amazon, to the Galapagos Islands, participants on this three week program investigate everything from indigenous species and preservation issues to human population growth and tourist management.

  • Denmark and USA

    Dr. Bill Schindler, Professor of Archaeology, collaborates with students to explore the ways the past is interpreted to the public through living history museums in the U.S. and Denmark.  Starting in the U.S., students conduct site visits to places such as Colonial Williamsburg, a Civil War Re-enactment, and Medieval Times.  Then they travel Denmark where they take up residence at the National Museum of Denmark, Lejre.  They explore Stone Age technology, the Viking Ship Museum, the Lethra Iron Age Village, and the Cathedral of Rothsklde.

  • Tanzania

    Led by Dr. Tahir Shad, Professor of Political Science and International Studies,  the Tanzania Program gives students a unique opportunity to learn about the social and cultural landscape of Tanzania, and the challenges faced by developing countries.  Students are shown the  conflict between tradition and modernity, and the ways different communities are shaping their own futures. Additionally, the Education Department partners with the Tanzania program to enable Education Majors to pursue a summer teaching experience in Tanzania.  This one month program is based at the St. Thomas School in Arusha, Tanzania.

  • Israel

    Understanding the history and interactions among the three great monotheistic world religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, is the central focus of the 10-day study tour to Israel led by Dr. Joseph Prud’homme, Professor of Political Science and Director of the Institute for the Study of Religion, Politics and Culture.  The program explores local settings around Jerusalem and across Israel.  World-renowned scholars from institutions through Israel conduct seminars and lectures along the way.

  • Europe

    Dr. Terry and Jacqueline Scout have taken students interested in exploring international business abroad for over a decade.  A global explorer of sorts, Dr. Scout, Connie and Carl Ferris Associate Professor of Business Management, continues to create new and exciting programs for students all over the world.  Dr. Scout has recently been taking students to different parts of Europe.  During May 2014, he took students to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Austria.  Cultural and business related stops along the way included Pilsner Urquell, Skoda Auto, Sonberk, DELL Slovakia, Schonbrunn Castle, and Ludwig Reiter Shoes.

  • England

    Through a partnership with the University of Oxford cultivated by Dr. Joseph Prud’homme, Professor of Political Science and Director of the Institute for the Study of Religion, Politics, and Culture, Washington College students can spend time in residence at one of the leading universities in the world. There, students participate in research seminars investigating religion, culture, and politics. Participating students also have full access to the Bodleian Library system, and worked under the direction of Oxford faculty members.

  • England, Ireland & Scotland

    Especially popular is the Kiplin Hall Program, an immersion in Romantic literature. For three weeks, Dr. Rich and Barbara Gillen lead a group of students through some of the most dramatic literary landscapes of England, Ireland, and Scotland. They hike and visit historic and cultural sites to explore areas where Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelley, and other influential literary figures found so much inspiration. Through on-site lectures, journaling, and daily reflections and debriefs over a shared meal, participants’ understanding of some of the most renowned literature achieves new heights. The main base of operation is Kiplin Hall, the Jacobean mansion built in the early 1620s by George Calvert, Secretary of State to King James I, and founder of Maryland.

  • Cuba

    The Cuban Experience offers Washington College students the unparalleled opportunity to learn first-hand about Cuba through an academic lens. In collaboration with professors Schweitzer & Lampman, students will design and conduct authentic field research into the intersection of music, religion and culture in Havana, the oldest city in the New World. During the 11-day course, students will spend 7 nights in Havana attending concerts, public & religious rituals, participating in dance classes, and exploring the diverse and dynamic street culture. They will also spend 3 days exploring Trinidad de Cuba, one of the best preserved cities in all the Caribbean. Named a Unesco World Heritage Site, Trinidad’s cobblestone streets are teeming with music, colorful art, cafes, and nightlife, and are surrounded by verdant jungles, mountains, and beautiful beaches. 

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Non-Washington College: Summer and Winter Programs

As a Washington College student you can opt to participate in a non-Washington College affiliated summer and/or winter program at your discretion.  

If you participate in a non-Washington College summer or winter program, you can receive transfer credit granted you have the appropriate approval from Faculty Department Chairs.  Please click here to review the Washington College Course Catalog for the policy on outside transfer credit.   

You can visit the Global Education Office to discuss external summer programs.