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If you have received your acceptance e-mail from the Global Education Office (GEO) - congratulations and welcome to your study abroad program. Please read the following instructions carefully and be sure to complete all necessary steps and documents.


Acceptance Procedures to Host Institution

Students access their host institution’s application and all of these forms via a Blackboard site. Students can print off the forms in the Miller Library. Students must turn in ALL host application forms by the requested deadline (mid-March).

Host Institution Application: all students will complete the exchange student application provided by their selected international exchange institution, by the deadline given on the application or by the study abroad advisor. On-line applications should be printed-off if possible.

  1. Student must complete and sign the Confirmation of Participation form and return it to the GEO, in order to proceed to the next stage of their application.
  2. Student will complete and sign the Education Abroad Program Agreement and return to GEO (available on Blackboard).
  3. Student will sign the Fees and Expense Sheet for the program in which they will be participating (available on Blackboard).
  4. The Accommodations Application from the host institution will also be completed by the appropriate date.
  5. The Course Approval Sheet must be completed by the date provided by GEO, or no later than the end of the semester. When properly completed, this form provides the WC course equivalent number, and approval for credit transfer for each course in which the student wishes to enroll while abroad.
  6. All students studying abroad are given the option of getting an International Student Identification Card (ISIC). The cost of the card is $22 and the forms can be downloaded from the link provided above. More information is available at GEO.


Passports and Visas

Visa Information for Washington College Students Studying Abroad Spring 2015 (PDF)

Passports: If you do not have a passport and have not yet applied for one, do so immediately. Applications are available on-line: Travel.State.Gov. If you already possess a passport, check the expiration date; it should be valid for six months after you return from your study abroad program. Most of the countries in which our international programs are located, require a student visa. Students must have a passport before they can apply for a visa.

What is a visa? 

A visa is an official authorization appended to a passport (or passport number), permitting entry into and travel within a particular country or region for a specified period of time to do a specific thing (i.e. study, work, be a tourist). You need acceptance materials from your host university in order to apply for the visa.  However, you should begin investigating the visa process as soon as you’ve submitted your application. 

You can access instructions on how to obtain a visa on your host country’s consulate and/or embassy webpage. Some countries require the following: evidence of sufficient funds to cover your time abroad, criminal background check (state and/or national), medical evaluation, evidence of health insurance coverage overseas, or an HIV/AIDS test.

The Global Education Office will provide you with more details and supporting documentation at the Pre-Departure Orientation.


Photos are required throughout the acceptance and pre-departure process. Please consider having at least 6-8 passport photos taken (the local UPS store, Walgreens, and RiteAid take passport photos). Official passport size photos cost around $15 for 2 photos.


Washington College does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, marital status, national and ethnic origin, or disability.