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What to Pack

Coming to Washington College involves a lot of preparation, and a lot of time. Therefore, we thought it would be appropriate if we gave you a list of important items to bring.

The climate that you will find at the college varies. Because we are situated in the Mid-Atlantic region, summers tend to be hot (85˚ F/ 30˚ C or higher), and winters can be cold (24˚ F/ -6˚ C).

The following is a list of clothing that you will need during your stay here:
  • T-shirts, shirts, blouses
  • Pants, jeans, slacks, shorts
  • Skirts/dresses
  • Underwear, socks, tights
  • Shoes (dress and casual), sneakers, slippers, winter boots
  • Coat, raincoat, sweaters, jacket
  • National dress (because you might like to use it for our Culture Night)
  • Hat, cap, scarf, gloves
  • Swimming suit (for those who would like to swim)
Other important items:
  • Bed sheets (Twin extra long), pillow, blanket or comforter (the College does not provide bedding)
  • Towels, bathrobe
  • Laptop Computer
  • Adapter for any electronics that do not use 110 Voltage
Past international students brought these with them during their stay in the U.S.:
  • Cellular/Mobile Phone
  • Desk lamp
  • Hair dryer
  • Hangers
  • Laundry detergent, Laundry basket, Iron
  • Waste basket
  • Toiletries (toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.)
  • Dishes/Utensils


Remember that the electricity here is at 110 Volts, so you should not bring anything that will not run at that voltage!

In addition, you could bring other items that will help make you feel at home - photographs, favorite music, posters, country flag. Please observe the customs’ regulations with regard to alcohol, food, tobacco, and other items in the United States. There are specifications from country to country, and you need to be aware of these. The airlines you will be travelling with have updated information and can answer questions or concerns.

Don’t want to pack all that much?

You can order them online before arriving and have them delivered to campus.  Many students will order from or prior to arrival.  You can have it delivered to 300 Washington Avenue, Chestertown, MD 21620. There will also be a trip to Christiana Mall during orientation where there is a Target and AT&T store. 

Before you leave your country please, make sure you have the following:
  • A valid passport and a student visa that will enable you to enter the United States (F-1: I-20; J-1: DS-2019)
  • A completed  immunization record (you may have arranged to complete it upon arrival)
  • Completion and submission of all the necessary forms required by the college
  • Confirmed travel arrangements to come to Washington College
Climate & Clothes

The weather in Chestertown is relatively mild. Average temperatures throughout the year are as follows:

January: 0°C July: 24°C
February: 1°C August: 24°C
March: 6°C September: 20°C
April: 11°C October: 14°C
May: 17°C November: 8°C
June: 22°C

December: 2°C

For orientation, you should make sure that you wear comfortable clothes that are appropriate for hot and humid weather and athletic shoes.

We are located along the Chester River, providing for plenty of moisture in the air. Summers are hot and sticky and winters are cold but relatively clear! We occasionally get light snowfall.

To see the local weather forecast, click here!

If you are here during Spring semester, we recommend that you bring a formal set of clothes and also cultural clothes of some sort. During the spring semester we have Birthday Ball, which is a campus wide party celebrating George Washington’s birthday. We also have Culture Night which is a special event meant to demonstrate international cultures. This is a good chance for you to show your culture to America so bring something that represents your country like a national costume and/or specific music.

Mobile Phone

Unless your phone is tri-band, it’s not going to work in the US. GSM coverage in Chestertown is scarce so it might turn out to be useless as a cell phone. But it can be used as an address book, alarm clock, digital camera, etc. bringing it won’t be a bad idea. Make sure you don’t forget the charger and that the charger’s voltage is US compatible.

You can purchase prepaid cell phones in the U.S. During Orientation there will be a trip to AT&T at the Christiana Mall. There is also a local store, Radio Shack, that carries these types of phones.

Computer and Telephone Service

For more detailed information regarding Washington College computer use, telephone service, etc., check out the International Student Handbook.

If you’re thinking about buying a new laptop computer, it might be helpful to check out the Help Desk’s Computer Recommendations Page.