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Transportation in and out of Chestertown can be difficult. If you need to secure transportation, we suggest using one of the methods listed below:

  • Check the Washington College Shuttle Schedule Transportation Services Reservations are required for the shuttle service. There is also the option of Shuttle by Appointment; as follows: The College also offers students the opportunity to arrange a shuttle to various destinations up to 2.5 hours away. Destinations within this area include Philadelphia, Dover, Washington D.C., Baltimore and other popular locations. Students must pay all costs associated with the Shuttle By Appointment including the driver (and driver’s time if the driver must wait for the return trip), gas, tolls and parking (if applicable). Shuttle By Appointment reservations must be made at least seven (7) calendar days before the scheduled trip, are limited to students, faculty and staff and based on the availability of vans and drivers. The individual (or individuals) reserving the shuttle must participate in the trip and the names of all passengers must be provided to the Transportation Office. For more information or to make arrangements for a shuttle, please contact the Transportation Office.
  • Inquire with other students who have cars

There is another option for local travel during the week. It is a version of public transportation. It is called MUST (Maryland Upper Shore Transit). It is a system of Shuttles with multiple routes and transfer stops. So you could get on in Chestertown and depending on where you wish to go you would transfer to another bus; get off at the appropriate stop to pick up the next shuttle that goes to your destination. The cost for 1 day of rides is $2.00 no matter how many transfers you make. The shuttle travels between 4 counties on the Eastern Shore. This service is only available on weekdays. Our office has a listing of times and stops.

Perhaps you would like to travel to New York City for a Saturday or for a weekend; if so, there is an inexpensive option called Boltbus. It runs from either Baltimore Metro station or a Washington D.C. Metro station to New York. The cost of the trip varies but typically is reasonably inexpensive - usually under $20 for a one way ticket. You would have to take the College’s shuttle to the Metro Station at New Carrollton, take the metro to the station for the bus departure. You will need to check the Washington College Transportation web site for shuttle times. The web site for Boltbus is

Yet another option if you wish to go to Philadelphia on a Friday would require again a ride to a station in Delaware to catch the local transit to Wilmington, DE and then take the local train to Philadelphia. Options to ride to station from Washington College are reserving the College Driver and paying his fee or having a friend who can drive you there. There is a bus stop that runs to Washington D.C. from Kent Island (about 40 minutes from the College). This would require that you have someone drive you to the station. It is in Stevensville, MD. This bus line runs Monday-Friday in the early morning.

There are several car rental facilities in and around Chestertown. When you rent a car, you should be aware of the following facts:

  • You must be 21 years of age or older.
  • You need either a US or International Driver’s License to rent a car. Foreign licenses are not accepted. There is one rental company that may use your foreign license; Enterprise Car Rental
  • The price of the car you rent will vary depending on its model.

You should ask about promotions and/or student discounts at the time you rent.

The fee you pay usually covers the cost of the car for the day plus a limited amount of miles.

You must use a credit card. Often, Visa and Mastercard are the only credit cards accepted. Cash and debit cards are not accepted.

You should inquire about insurance. Auto Rental companies have their vehicles insured, however, you will be charged for any expenses incurred in an accident if you do not have a “collision damage waiver.” A collision damage waiver usually costs around $10.00USD and in case of an accident you will pay only the deductible stated on the vehicle’s insurance policy (usually the first $250.00 USD of expense).

You should also be aware that if an accident is your fault and someone chooses to sue you for money, there is no insurance to help you. Drive responsibly.