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Climate & Clothes

The weather in Chestertown is relatively mild. Average temperatures throughout the year are as follows:

January: 0°C July: 24°C
February: 1°C August: 24°C
March: 6°C September: 20°C
April: 11°C October: 14°C
May: 17°C November: 8°C
June: 22°C

December: 2°C


For orientation, you should make sure that you wear comfortable clothes that are appropriate for hot and humid weather and athletic shoes.

We are located along the Chester River, providing for plenty of moisture in the air. Summers are hot and sticky and winters are cold but relatively clear! We occasionally get light snowfall.

To see the local weather forecast, click here!

If you are here during Spring semester, we recommend that you bring a formal set of clothes and also cultural clothes of some sort. During the spring semester we have Birthday Ball ( ), which is a campus wide party celebrating George Washington’s birthday. We also have Culture Night which is a special event meant to demonstrate international cultures. This is a good chance for you to show your culture to America so bring something that represents your country like a national costume and/ or specific music.

Mobile Phone

Unless your phone is tri-band, it’s not going to work in the US. GSM coverage in Chestertown is scarce so it might turn out to be useless as a cell phone. But it can be used as an address book, alarm clock, digital camera, etc. bringing it won’t be a bad idea. Make sure you don’t forget the charger and that the charger’s voltage is US compatible.

You can purchase prepaid cell phones in the U.S. There is a local store, Radio Shack, that carries these types of phones.


Please follow the link below to find out detailed information regarding Washington College computer use, telephone service, email, etc. Please visit this web page as it has very useful information for you to know prior to your arrival. Washington College International Student Computer Information