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The Global Education Office is here to help
you get the most out of your Washington College experience!

From your pre-arrival applications to your departure paperwork, the Washington College Global Education Office has the experience and the knowledge to help you along.

Pre-Arrival Information

The first place you should visit is our Pre-Arrival Information Page. Here you will find links to help you plan your travel to campus, learn more about the International Student Orientation, and even get some advice on packing! This page is also where you will find important Visa and SEVIS information, so definitely take a few minutes to explore all of the resources this page holds!

Campus Guide

Adjusting to a new culture and a new environment takes time and patience.  Therefore, we have compiled this guide to help familiarize you with the campus and provide advice and insight on life and learning at Washington College and in the U.S. 

Dining and Meal Plans

At Washington College, all International students are required to purchase a meal plan, with the exception of those living in Kent Crossing.  This page includes an explanation of our meal plan system, as well as detailed information about the different meal plan options which are available to you.

Health Insurance

All international students at Washington College are required to carry health insurance.  Further, the college specifies that you must enroll in Accident and Sickness Insurance for International Students with University Health Plans.


All International students are expected to file a statement with the US Government regarding their tax status every year they are a student. It is very important that you visit the Taxes page to ensure you have everything you need to correctly submit your taxes in the US.


Interested in a job on campus? Want to participate in an Academic Internship? There are many different employment options for International students at Washington College.  The best way to get more information is to check out our Employment page.

Driver’s License

Any student who is classified as a F, M, or J non-immigrant, with active status in the SEVIS record is permitted to obtain a Maryland drivers license or Identification card. If you’re ready to get a driver’s license here in the United States, this link can help you with the process.


There are an incredible amount of interesting places to visit just a short drive from Chestertown. If you plan on traveling, make sure you check out our travel page to get some helpful information about what’s all around us!

American Currency

The Global Education Office has put together this guide to help explain the American currency system.  This page also provides some useful information on banking, taxes, direct deposit, fees, and tipping.  

Departure Information

While we hate to see you go, there are some very important steps to take when leaving Washington College. Utilizing the Departure Information page will help set you on the right path for leaving the College, releasing your transcripts, and wrapping up any financial concerns before you leave the United States.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact:

The Global Education Office                                                       
409 Washington Ave.
Chestertown, MD  21620