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Washington College

Laundry machine

Laundry machines and dryers are available in all residence halls, it costs $3.00 to wash and dry your clothes. Dry cleaning is also available in off campus locations.

Dorm regulation

Every year, Washington College dorms will close after Spring and Fall Semesters. Students are required to leave their dorm and turn in their key no later than 24 hours after their last exam.

Please keep this condition in mind when making your plans for winter and summer vacations.

Dorms are open during Spring Break and Thanksgiving Holidays but Dining Services are closed.

Students are NOT permitted to stay in their dorm over the Christmas holidays. It is required that you are out of your dorm by the end of the last day of exams; no later. Same holds true for the end of the Spring Semester. Please make sure that you figure this information in when making your plans.

To learn more about dorms and housing, please refer to this page that includes a description and a picture of each house.