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Language Assistants

Washington College hires exchange students from select partner institutions to serve as language assistants during their time at Washington College. Please talk with your home institution prior to completing the online application.   

Language Assistant Job Description

As an Exchange Student to Washington College, we want to offer you an additional opportunity to teach and tutor students studying your home country’s official language. Language Assistants have the opportunity to gain experience teaching their first language to U.S-American students and work closely with the Department of World Languages and Cultures’ faculty in order to hone their pedagogical skills.

Their main tasks are to (1) instruct language laboratory classes to undergraduate students and (2) assist the faculty with other teaching duties. Other responsibilities might include but are not limited to:

  • Leading and organizing weekly conversation sessions, as well as other social and club activities.
  • Assisting the language professors with their regular classes.
  • Tutoring individual students.

Overall, language assistants play an important role on campus as ambassadors of their language and culture.

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