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J1 Students and Employment

As a J1 visa holder, you may work in the US under the options described below.

All of these types of employment must be authorized by the Responsible Officer prior to the beginning of work. To be eligible for employment you must first apply for a Social Security Number. You must also fit the following qualifications of the US government:

  1. Student is in good academic standing at the post-secondary accredited educational institution;
  2. Student continues to engage in a full course of study, except for official school breaks and the student’s annual vacation; (Academic training may extend beyond or begin after period of studies. See below)
  3. Employment totals no more than 20 hours per week, except during official school breaks and the student’s annual vacation, when it may be full time; and
  4. The responsible officer has approved the specific employment in advance and in writing. Such approval may be valid up to twelve months, but is automatically withdrawn if the student’s program is terminated.
On-campus Employment

Exchange students who will be attending Washington College for two semesters may work on campus with written permission of the Responsible Officer.

Please inquire at the Global Education Office about your eligibility to work on-campus.

  • Language Assistantships
    • This is work which you were hired to do as a condition of your acceptance to Washington College.
    • Work time is limited to 20 hours per week while school is in session.